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What should be paid attention to when using Heat Pack?

What should be paid attention to when using Heat Pack?


      Using Heat Pack

The heat pack was first invented by the Japanese and emerged in Japan. It is the latest generation of Japanese high-tech products. The products are as thin as paper, light as cotton, soft, and flexible. With the improvement of people's living standards, disposable heating products are also widely used in people's lives. Because of different names, they can be divided into warm stickers, hot stickers, heating tablets, warm handbags, warm handbags, a hot stick, warm foot stickers. , Shu Jing posted warm palace treasure, women's warm stickers, portable warm stickers, and so on. At present, this product is not very standardized. Under the name of this name, the products are similar, but the quality is uneven.

Scope of Heat pack application

When used, it is attached to the shoulder, back, waist, stomach, legs, and related joints of the human body. When used, it only needs to be attached to the corresponding part, and it can be heated immediately. The temperature is up to 68 °C, with an average of 53 °C. The duration of clinical testing was at 12 hours.

Heat pack Benefits

It relieves pain in the waist, shoulders, stomach, legs, and joints. It has a good effect in preventing cold injury and cold in the cold winter. It is easy to carry and has long-lasting stability. It can be resisted by sticking a thin piece every day. Your day is cold. The heat pack is the most convenient and safest personal heating device. It has become the fashion item for international warming and cold therapy.

Heat pack trait

At present, many such products have appeared on the market. The product is a sheet-like patch, which is composed of a raw material layer, a gelatin layer, and a non-woven bag. The general size is about 130×10 cm, and the raw material layer is placed. In the non-woven bag, the gelatin layer is used to adhere a sticker to the garment. The raw material layer is a polymer synthesized from iron powder, stone, activated carbon, inorganic salt, water, etc., which is non-toxic and has no side effects and can generate an exothermic reaction under the action of oxygen in the air. The non-woven bag is characterized by uniform leakage and good air permeability. The gelatin layer is made of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive coating unique to Japan, which is firmly bonded and never stains the clothes.

Applicable people and functional scope

1. In addition to your own use, you can send parents, send children, send sisters, send brothers, send colleagues... all ages!

2. In the cold winter, GG can be given to the beloved MMs, so that this winter of MM is not cold. When shopping for Christmas, New Year's Day and other festivals, put a piece in your pocket, warm from the palm of your hand to the heart, without you. One hand is also warm as spring, MM will definitely be moved by your meticulous care!

3. If you have a child to go to school, you can use it on your knees or in your pocket. You won't be able to concentrate on class because you are cold!

4. In the winter, the elderly are most afraid of the cold. If you are filial, you should buy some for the elderly. The old man will definitely like it and feel that it is practical and practical. It will not feel cold and pain on the waist or on the knee! In fact, this is a regular-season supply for the elderly!

5. People who often ride bicycles, ride motorcycles, and drive vehicles need to use it. The winter cold wind sticks to the knees, which not only keeps warm but also prevents rheumatism or relieves pain!

6. There are still a few months to go through the New Year. When you play cards, you will stick a piece of it, which will effectively drive the cold, so that you will be prosperous and prosperous.

7. Friends who like outdoor activities can stick to their bodies to keep warm and cold.

8. Those who have prepared for postgraduate study at home are now using it. Don't let the cold weather affect the mood and effect of the review when sprinting in December. It is warm for a whole day, and the efficiency of the review can be greatly improved.

9. The bride and groom who got married in the winter, there is a wedding scene, and keep the body warm, energetic, and not catching a cold.

10. Women with dysmenorrhea and pain in the lower back can relieve or eliminate pain.

11. For pain, numbness, swelling caused by rheumatism, arthritis, strain.

12. For abdominal pain caused by cold.

13. In the recovery period of trauma, blood is scattered.

14. Warming during skiing, fishing, hunting, outings, and fieldwork.

15. Warm-up in the room at low temperatures.

16. Hot compresses for massage, etc.

17. Open the outer bag for about 20 minutes, quickly apply heat, reduce swelling, relieve pain, promote blood circulation, and remove blood stasis. It is widely used in various chills.

18. Quickly relieve and eliminate all kinds of pain caused by chills, it is an on-demand type of pain in patients with arthritis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, cold in the limbs, and cold pain in the affected area. product.

19. Repelling cold and warming, promoting microcirculation of the human body, and the symptoms of opponents, foot frostbite, bone injury, muscle damage have good swelling and pain relief.

20. Promote the smooth flow of the meridians, heat the relevant acupoints, eliminate the symptoms of stomach cold discomfort, menstrual blood, and other symptoms, and have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

21. Replace heavy clothing in winter to provide temperature protection for the human body. In order to promote the human microcirculation into a virtuous circulation state, restore normal physiological functions, thereby eliminating pain and treating diseases.

22. It can be combined with traditional Chinese medicine kits to heat together. When the heat reaches the medicine, the therapeutic effect is quickly exerted, and the curative effect is remarkable. The infiltration of the drag force and the time of the heat action are synchronized, and the drug is heat-assisted, heat-assisted, and has the dual functions of medicine and hyperthermia.

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