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What kind of pain is Chili plaster suitable for?

What kind of pain is Chili plaster suitable for?


Chili plaster

Back in the mid-1950s, the Chili Porous Capsicum Plaster offered the easiest and most economical way for quick relief of aches, pains, and slight sprains for our forefathers. A natural pain reliever derived from chili peppers called capsaicin, Chili Plaster is known for its unique warm sensation which stimulates and improves blood circulation. This unique quality provides quick relief to aches and pain resulting from over-exertion, fatigue, stiffness, and minor sprains.

There is a chemical in chili called capsaicin and as well as giving them their hot taste, it can be used to relieve pain when applied to the skin.  Substance P is a small peptide that is released in the body when the body needs to deal with the body's pain threshold and is emitted by the nervous system.  Substance P helps the body cope with pain naturally.  Some pharmaceutical pain-relieving creams contain it which attests to the powerful nature of this naturally occurring chemical, It is one of them I introduced today.

Chili plaster

Capsaicin gives them the heat you taste.

The more capsaicin contained in the pepper, the spicier, and the higher amount of Scoville units. When applied to the skin, peppers cause substance P to be created which is a pain transmitting chemical that is released from the nerve endings. Once these transmitters are gone, the pain is relieved. Peppers produce a warming sensation, reduce pain, and also are a great anti-inflammatory. So it works in three different ways to combat body pain.

Capsicum External Medicated Plaster

KONGDY Porous Capsicum External Medicated Plaster has known for its heat-inducing effects. It is an excellent pain reliever for minor aches, pains of muscles, joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, and strains. This product contains 0.25% Capsaicin, the active ingredient of the hot chili pepper, and other natural herbal ingredients which are responsible for the pharmaceutical properties of the "Chili" Brand Plaster. Capsaicin stimulates powerfully the heat receptors of the skin and creates the sensation of warmth.


Rheumatic Pain, Arthritic Pain, Stiff Neck and Shoulders, Muscle Ache, and Back Pain.

Directions for use: 

Clean and dry the area of application. Cut the plaster to the desired size as required. Remove the covering material from the adhesive side of the plaster and apply it to the affected area. Remove any remnants by rubbing the spot with baby oil or olive oil.

For temporary relief of pain associated with backache, lumbago, strain, bruises and sprains, arthritic or rheumatic pain, the pain of tendons and ligaments. So I think you should have it.

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