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What does Kangdi Medical do?

What does Kangdi Medical do?


Henan Kangdi Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is the most professional production plant in China. Various patches are produced at the direct factory in Zhoukou City. We are engaged in the development and manufacture of various painkillers, paprika, belladonna Plasters, fever cooling gel stickers, nose stickers, body/hand pads, menstrual cramps relief Patches, motion sickness patches, diarrhea patches, medical materials, and other medical derivatives. our Products have passed CE, FDA, ISO13485, and BV certification. We can do OEM you. Analgesic stickers are the best-selling products, and we have different customers of analgesic stickers in different countries.




- After paying the freight then sends free samples:


Make market testing for customers Provide professional analysis of market guidance.

- Packing and transportation:


Select quality bags, prevent extrusion, and powder leakage powder.

- Senior Pharmacists Control the Whole Process:


We have a professional R&D, design, packaging, and sales team . Provide personalized services such as market package proposal, market training guidance.

- According to market demand provides a good Registration Information:


We obtain TUV, GMP, ISO, CE, certificate. Make our products are in your market flow rapidly.

 Kangdi Medical

Our pain relief patches are exported to many countries. Such as Russia, Egypt, Sudan, Poland, the United States, Chile, and so on. Usually, it has already received good customer feedback. As a good supplier of painkillers, we have many huge advantages. About foreign trade companies. Such as,


First of all, the price advantage, we can provide customers with more competitive prices than foreign trade companies to ensure that you get the most benefit. Therefore, we think that it is better to choose a painkiller factory than a trading company.


We can customize products for you, and we can provide OEM and ODM for our pain relief patch customers. Free design and custom packaging.


Second, we can guarantee timely delivery, not because of too many intermediate links, poor


Communication affects delivery. You are a buyer, we are a supplier of painkillers,


There is no middleman between us. All works will be easier and more effective.


Third, we have complete certificates and can provide registration information to documents


do you need it? We will help you complete the registration as soon as possible. As you know, many trading companies have


There is no full set of certificates.


Quality assurance profit guarantee


100,000-level purification workshop, one-stop service for free packaging design, advanced production equipment, high-quality production guarantee, reasonable fees, large quantity and excellent


30 years of production experience


The company's existing large-scale computer-controlled Babu coating machine, fully automated slitting machine, slicer, mixer, large packaging machine, modern advanced water gel production line


People-oriented, fair competition


Win-win - the ultimate goal of the company!

Integrity - the company's way of doing business! Innovation - the soul of the company's survival!

Quality - the goal pursued by the company! Efficient - the direction of the company's efforts!


The one-stop gold service team


Have a 7*24-hour professional customer service team to solve problems for the first time.

Adopt the national direct sales model, eliminating the intermediate links, and giving the distributor the best interests!

Fast delivery 24 hours, improve work efficiency, and help you get more benefits!


Therefore, if you need painkillers, Henan Kangdi Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is your best choice!


We are the largest supplier of pain relief patches in China.

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