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What are the reasons for using baby cooling gel pad?

What are the reasons for using baby cooling gel pad?


Everyone will face the problem of fever. When we catch a cold and get a fever, how to do? There may be many choices, but which one is better?

Now many people buy baby cooling gel pads and keep them at home for urgent use. Especially the family with children. What is the baby cooling gel pad and what are the reasons for using a baby cooling gel pad?


Once you've identified that your child has a fever — either with the use of a thermometer or these handy fever stickers — the aim of the game is to turn down the heat. Of course, there's the option of medication, but if you're looking for another option — or something you can use safely on top of meds — kangdi has your back with its Cool Pad, adhesive gel patches that can be applied right to your child's forehead — or anywhere else on their body (like the back of their neck), as long as they're applied externally and not blocking the child's airways.

       Disposable patches

The disposable patches, which don't have to be refrigerated to cool your kid down (but can be for an extra boost of cold), claim to provide "immediate cooling relief" and last for up to eight hours. They're safe to use with oral medications, but should be used under parent supervision. Cold and flu season may have just gotten a bit less complicated! Learn more and shop the Cool Pads ahead.

 cooling gel pads

Henan kangdi medical devices co.,ltd.,with a history of 31 years, is a baby cooling gel pad manufacturer in China. Henan kangdi has both domestic and oversea markets. Now we are looking for not only buyers all over the world.

      Cooling gel pad

What is a cooling gel pad? It is a hydrogel pad that can reduce the fever of Children and adults physically. What are the reasons for using a baby cooling gel pad?

Because it is an herbal, long-lasting, fast effect, various flavors. The main ingredients are menthol, borneol, purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, etc.It is applied on the forehead, external use.It is safe and convenient to use. It can reduce the temperature of children. There is no side effect or harmful to the baby. It is a good reason for using a baby cooling gel pad. The cooling effect can last up to 10hours. It can keep a long time reducing the fever of children and adults. It takes effect as soon as applied on the skin. We can add different kinds of fruit extract in the patch, which can meet children’s different favorites. Such as strawberry, apple smell, lemon smell, etc.We can also design and print cartoons on the cloth. There are many choices and children like them. That’s the reason for using a baby cooling gel pad.

       Using a baby cooling gel pad

There are so many reasons for using a baby cooling gel pad.

There will be a good and big market for distributing the cooling gel pad. No matter where are you, no matter who you are.Only if you have the idea of purchasing a fever patch, you have the client groups, we will offer you great help during business cooperation.

There are experienced customer service team who can answer all your questions and provide all the help that we can.We produce the high quality products which can help you make good selling. We offer best price to you as we are factory our self.We provide you the promotion materials like posters, flyers,gifts,etc.As we have the experiences of marketing.We can provide the documents for registration or import documents according to your countries requirements.


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