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What are the characteristics of Mosquito Repellent

What are the characteristics of Mosquito Repellent


As a product for children to protect themselves from mosquito bites outside, insect repellent is popular with parents.

The mosquito repellent buckle is made up of silica gel or ultra-micro fiber woven fabric combined with plant essential oil. It is slowly evaporated by plant essential oil to repel mosquitoes. It is only necessary to buckle the insect repellent on the clothes. The mosquito repellent buckle is effective for driving the mosquitoes. If the pure plant is extracted, it will not cause any harm to the human body. Natural extraction, non-toxic, and no stimulation.

Mosquito Repellent Feature:

Sweatproof & Waterproof, Eco-Friendly

Mosquito Repellent Ingredient: 

Citronella essential oil and lavender

Mosquito Repellent Instructions:

1. The package of the mosquito repellent buckle is torn along the tearing opening, and the mosquito repellent buckle inside is taken out.

2. After removing the mosquito repellent buckle, open the snap clip on the back of the mosquito repellent buckle.

3. You can then buckle directly on your baby's clothes, stroller, or attach the rope to your baby's wrist.

4. If you don't use the mosquito repellent button after you go home, you can put it in the original bag and seal it, which can effectively extend the service life of the mosquito repellent buckle.

5. Generally speaking, there will be a time display on the bag. It is recommended to use it within this time. If the time limit is exceeded, a new one will be re-opened.

Have anti-mosquito little expert, go where not afraid!

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