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What are the benefits of using footpads

What are the benefits of using footpads


Are you looking for alternative products and mats for men and women? Try the sole soles! After 28 years of research, the Japanese Ministry of Medicine discovered bamboo vinegar and its huge benefits.

Mature bamboo has an extraordinary ability to absorb 3-4 tons of water from underground roots every day. After years of research, high-quality bamboo is placed under high temperature for several days to make liquid bamboo vinegar, which has the same absorption capacity. Advanced technology has been developed to distill bamboo vinegar liquid into bamboo vinegar extract for commercial application and use. Combining the results with other necessary ingredients, we finally created a bamboo vinegar footpad.


The benefits of the footpads

The customer reported the benefits of the footpads and asked Pure Sole to obtain high quality and customer service. The reasons are as follows:

►Made with 100% natural and high-quality ingredients-the main ingredient of the mat is bamboo vinegar powder, containing chitin and chitosan, tourmaline, vitamin C, plant fiber, and negative ion powder.

►Easy to use-let the footpads work while sleeping.

Footpads ingredients

It contains 100% natural and premium ingredients-our foot pads come from top manufacturers and provide 100% natural and premium ingredients. Distilled bamboo vinegar powder is the main ingredient and source of all the huge benefits of our customer's experience. We use bamboo vinegar foot pads with chitin and chitosan, tourmaline, vitamin C, plant fiber, and negative ion powder and other ingredients. Purchasing first-class raw materials is our first priority.

Experience the benefits of BAMBOO vinegar foot pads-not only trust us, but also include many valued customers who use Pure Sole Bamboo vinegar footpads and their rave reviews. To get relief from a long day and get results, you can rely on pure bamboo vinegar footpads. Bamboo vinegar pads are suitable for both men and women.

Quality products and easy to use-our bamboo vinegar pads are double sealed. Each medical pad is individually packaged to ensure freshness and is always available when needed. To provide additional protection, we package the footpads in a resealable aluminum-plated bag. No need to rush to use, use it as needed, and keep it sealed to extend storage time. The application is very easy, you can let the footpad finish the work while sleeping. Follow the instructions, apply before bedtime, and wake up the next morning to experience these benefits.

Based on 28 years of research and purchasing from FDA-certified manufacturers-bamboo vinegar is the result of 28 years of research in Japan, and its related benefits are still under continuous research. If the traditional method does not work, you are looking for an alternative method. You must try pure bamboo vinegar footpads. We look for the best quality manufacturers and products and proudly cooperate with manufacturers with 10 years of experience and FDA certification.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee-Pure sole soles are 100% supported to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the products and services. If you are not completely satisfied, we promise to do it right. We will follow up with each customer to ensure that any problems are identified and resolved.

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