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What are the advantages of Chinese medicine pain patch

What are the advantages of Chinese medicine pain patch


   Menthol pain patch

   A menthol pain patch is one of the KONGDY Plaster, it made by medical nonwovens, electret, medical polymer resins, essential oils, pure herbal extracts, and other components, by topical applicator points, by the action of plaster on the acupuncture points, improve directly through the continuing role of subcortical circulation, increase skin permeability, promoting blood circulation, blood stasis and swelling, cold and pain. Affixed to different points for surface electrostatic stickers physiotherapy stimulate nerve endings, through reflection, dilation of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, improve the surrounding tissue nutrition, swelling, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic purposes. At the same time the drug penetration through the skin in the affected area of subcutaneous tissue, a relative advantage in the local drug concentration, and thus play a strong pharmacological effect.

pain patch

     Chinese medicine

     Since ancient times in traditional Chinese medicine tablet was added as dry mixing do Plaster habits, but in Chinese medicine for thousands of years handed down process is also carried out slowly evolved, a lot of modern technology has no effect of the original. In recent years, KONGDY adopt traditional Chinese medicine methods concocted together with modern technology and polished precipitate developed a fresh drug medicine method, has a unique natural fresh drug resistance, especially for arthritis, limb pain, lumbar disc herniation, etc. hair, excellent results. External plaster is the most critical drug penetration. As a topical medication only penetrated strong case can direct focus area, eliminate the disease. Now more and more people worry a lot about medicine and synthetic drugs. Advantages medicine and synthetic drugs are nothing more than quick, but the side effects and harm are more serious, therefore, traditional Chinese medicine fresh plaster and topical patches will become a major trend, which is the Chinese characteristics of a plaster big advantage.

    Fresh medicine for bone disease

     Now, with "fresh medicine for bone disease," the voice has risen, much rheumatoid bone disease, joint disease patients are seeking fresh herbs to make external pain patch therapy, and KONGDY is traditional Chinese medicine concocted Cuban method Di plaster has been using fresh herbs as medicine. KONGDY pain patch focus neck and leg pain, knee synovitis, degeneration of the patella, meniscus injury, and other rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis disease for more than 30 years. Concocted by the secret process, concentration and absorption are ten times that of traditional pain patches. For knee degeneration, osteoarthritis, synovitis, chondromalacia patella, meniscus injury, disc herniation, bone spurs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, knee pain and swelling caused by cervical spondylosis, stiff not move a step, play soft legs, neck and back pain, leg numbness, inability to walk embolism, according to different conditions, different acupoints selected scientific sticking, blood running quickly get through the meridians, osteoclast activation joints, intervertebral disc dissolution, the passivation bone spurs hyperplasia, repair damaged cartilage and tissue fluid through the annulus of nutrients, while modulating liver and kidney function, to keep the supply of bone nutrients.

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