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Weight loss stickers detailed introduction

Weight loss stickers detailed introduction


   Slimming patches are being widely advertised on the Web and in some stores. The ingredients are typically a mixture of plants and natural ingredients, such as hoodia Gordonii, a seaweed called fucus guarana, a stimulant. says will "control your hunger cravings and speed up your metabolism."

   KONGDY slimming patches are designed to help you get rid of stubborn belly fat.

   Today,i will Introduction some details for you:

Weight loss stickers


  Shape and Tone Body Products Body Wraps work via so-called “Transdermal Delivery” which basically means applying a body wrap with active ingredients onto your skin where ingredients are absorbed. The process stimulates your system, increases calorific burn and your metabolism. As a result, fat cells and toxins are removed, your body slims down, looks toner and your skin feels healthier in a short period of time.


  Contouring and Slimming Body Wrap adhesive layer that eliminates the need to use extra wraps (such as saran wrap) to hold it to your body. Our body wraps can be comfortably worn practically anywhere – at home, at work, at the gym, or during any other daily activities, it can be applied to many different areas of your body.


  Shape and Tone Body Products use only finest natural ingredients combined into a superb formula that will work on firming and toning your stomach, arms, hips, buttocks, thighs, pretty much anywhere you may have unwanted cellulite deposits, extra fat or unsightly fatty tissue that is not responding to diet and exercise alone.


  Herbal Extracts found in Toning and Firming Body Applicator are the same (and in most cases better) ingredients you would usually be offered as a part of professional Spa or Salon treatment at a much higher price. You can be Contouring and Slimming in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost they charge at Spas.


  Our Body Wraps are used by many people and a lot of them have different goals. Some use it for overall skin Tightening and Firming, others are trying to lose inches or reduce cellulite appearance. We have customers who use it just for general skin detox and conditioning as well as for reducing stretch marks appearance. No matter what your goal is, you are going to love how your skin rejuvenates after using these Body Wraps, guaranteed!

  Each wrap is packaged separately which makes finding and opening very easy. The directions are simple and the wrap is easy to apply. Simply open the package, peel off the backing and apply where you see fit and smooth out.


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