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Warm stickers specifically for women

Warm stickers specifically for women


Warm Stickers

The warm uterus paste is a small artifact for a woman to treat dysmenorrhea warmly!

The warm uterus patch is a postpartum care product developed specifically for women. It uses heat physiotherapy to achieve the effect of warming women.

Warm stickers Function:

1. Improve the blood circulation, keep warmer.

2. Widely used as portable, long-lasting heat therapy.

3.Standard equipment for skiers, hunters, campers, hikers.

4.Suitable anyone who enjoys outdoor activities when the weather is cold.

Warm stickers


1. NEVER use it when you sleep.

2. To prevent cryogenic burns, it is strictly prohibited to stick on the skin directly. You will feel the skin has itching or burning and other uncomfortable, please immediately take off. 

3. Please do not paste in the long hair goods, in order to avoid damage to the articles.

4. To prevent cryogenic burns, pregnant women, children, tender skin and other of temperature change is not a too sensitive person, please use with caution.

5. Please do not do strenuous exercise when using this product to prevent the breakage of the surface and affect the usage. If the bag body is damaged,  please stop using it. 

6. People that wounds healing slow, such as people with diabetes, do not use this product. 

7. Do not always use a warmer patch in the same position. (e.g. today use it on area A, then tomorrow you should not use the warmer patch on area A again, you should use it on area B.)

Warm stickers Effect:

1. Blood circulation;

2. Warming and pain relief;

3. Reconcile blood;

4. Treat inflammation;

5. Curing the ovaries;

6. Promote uterine contraction;

7. Completely regulate the female reproductive system.

Product Warm stickers advantages:

1. The warm palace paste is the combination and innovation of the theory of external Chinese medicine and modern biotechnology. Warm uterus passes through the acupoint physical warming and far-infrared physiotherapy synergies to prevent postpartum gynecological disease, promote postpartum body shape recovery, help reduce stretch marks, lighten postpartum chloasma.

2. The warm uterus paste begins to heat up and emits far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 5 to 15 μm in about 5 minutes, and the normal emissivity is as high as 0.85. 30 minutes can relieve postpartum abdominal pain and continue to produce fever for more than 12 hours.

3, the use of warm uterus paste is convenient, products can be self-heating, thin and light, can be close to the outside of women's underwear, can play a therapeutic effect, without affecting the appearance of beauty.

4, warm uterus paste product group is reasonable, mature technology, good effect. The product does not touch the skin and is safe.


It is made of a combination of a pasting section, a release-proof release paper, a far-infrared layer, and a heating element (iron powder, activated carbon, salt, etc.).

Usage and dosage: For external use, open along with the packaging bag, remove the heat patch, remove the anti-adhesion release paper, and stick it on the outer side of the underwear (the midline before the body, 1 inch and half under the umbilicus).

Usage amount:

Abortion women use 10-15 days continuously.

Women who have childbirth continue to use for 15 to 20 days.

Cesarean section women use 15-30 days continuously.

Dysmenorrhea women use 1 to 7 days continuously.

Applicable people: Warm uterus paste for women with postpartum, cesarean section and post-abortion, dysmenorrhea women.

Application scope:

1, maternal warm palace, to prevent the invasion of cold evil spirits on maternal, speed up the discharge of lochia, protect maternal safety through the month;

2, abortion warm palace, to promote postpartum uterus and blood vessels as soon as possible to restore the normal contraction law, promote uterine involution;

3, the treatment of women's menstrual cycle pain.


1.Pregnant woman

2. Diabetes and those with circulatory disorders;

3. Those with low skin thermal sensitivity;

4. Patients with severe acute inflammation.

Warm palace stickers help you to get rid of damn dysmenorrhea and bring you happiness!

Selecting a warm uterus must be correct!


1. Open the pouch, tear off the safeguard paper and stick the pad onto your underwear around the abdomen, forbid sticking on the skin directly

2. Please remove the pouch slowly after use in order to avoid the damage to the clothes.


1. Do not apply body warmers directly to the skin, but on the underwear.

2. If you experience any discomfort, burning, swelling, rash or other changes in your skin, stop using it

3. People with diabetes, frostbite, scars, open wounds or circulatory problems should consult a physician before using body warmers.

4. Do not use it when sleeping.

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