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Want to keep mosquitoes away from you? Use mosquito repellent bracelet

Want to keep mosquitoes away from you? Use mosquito repellent bracelet


During the summer, many people want to keep the mosquitoes off of them but don’t want to spray insecticide or DEET on themselves either. The industry has responded by creating bracelets that are heavily impregnated with essential oils to repel mosquitoes and keep them from biting.


1. What mosquito repellent bracelet is ?

In the simplest terms, mosquito repellent bracelets are bracelets that are impregnated with mosquito-repelling chemicals or naturally occurring essential oil extracts (like citronella or lemongrass) that repel mosquitoes. In practical terms, they are almost always bracelets with non-chemical compounds added to them.

 mosquito repellent bracelet

2.If they're effective in repelling mosquitoes

The only honest answer is yes, but. Mosquito repellent bracelets will repel mosquitoes but only a certain percentage of them. Each individual plant is different, so every essential oil extracted from them, even in the exact same factory on the exact same machinery, will be slightly different. Just like every person has a unique fingerprint, so every plant has a unique quantity and strength of essential oils in it.

3.How to use them properly so you don't get bitten

You wear them. There is nothing magical or special about using a mosquito repellent bracelet. You put it on and that’s the end of it. There’s nothing else to do.  There is only one exception and we’ll get to that later.


4.If they're safe around children and pets

Mosquito repellent bracelets don’t use any chemicals, harsh, soft, or otherwise. The companies use only naturally occurring substances and essential oils in their manufacture. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re safe, however. For example, poison ivy is a naturally occurring plant but no one in their right mind would claim that it is safe. In a similar fashion, people who suffer from pollen or other kinds of allergies would earnestly contest any claim that those things are safe. Natural doesn’t equal safe. Or, for you mathematicians out there, natural ≠ safe. Consequently, you should always check the packaging to determine the specific ingredients contained in the bracelet. Make sure none of them are essential oils that you, your children, or your pets are allergic to. Be especially careful with pets. Dogs and cats are often allergic to things humans aren’t. Finally, be aware that the extracts and essential oils used in these bracelets are concentrated, which makes them very different from the naturally occurring oils in a plant or flower. The act of concentrating them increases their potency, and potentially, their hazardous and/or toxic side effects.

5.Kangdi Medical recommended picks!

Our recommendation would be to at least wear one on each wrist AND lightly apply a mosquito repellent elsewhere on your body to ensure you're covered.

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