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Toxin Removing Foot Pads

Toxin Removing Foot Pads


With most homeopathic or alternative remedies, some people will swear by them and others will have 0 responses. Some of that could be a placebo some of that could be the power of psychosomatic responses. You have to understand that when looking into these types of therapies, it may work great for you or you may feel nothing at all, that doesn't make a product like this good or bad. For example, the toxin removing foot pads are an effect for my father and me, it can show the product has a great influence on my family.

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    Beauty Pad Experiences

Keeping all that in mind, I will share my experiences with this beauty pad. This however should not be an indicator as to whether or not it will work the same way for you. But I want to share because if they have a little good effect for you, that will be a good thing!

Packaged Pad

This item came well packaged and accurately described. I purchased this for my father to use. He had cancerous tumors on his spine that was fortunately successfully removed. However this left him with severe neuropathies in his lower extremities. Strength is about 25% of what it was previous to his disease. He has improved from only being able to walk with a walker to now being able to walk short distances slowly but unassisted.

 What has been constant the whole time is the painful tingling sensation he experiences in his feet. We've tried prescription pain medication, electro-therapy, massage, etc. None have been effective. I had an opportunity to purchase this item at a discount to test it and review it so I decided to get it for my father and see if it would help at all.

       After Using Foot Patch

The first morning after using Foot Patch, he woke up with markedly less tingling and was ecstatic. The tingling slowly returned over the course of the morning and was back to its normal level by noon. He has used it every night for the past 10 days with varying results. Some morning he will wake up and feel no difference, some days will be like the first day, and some other days there will be a slight reduction in tingling.

    The color of the pads has also lightened over time, not sure what this means but would indicate that there are some changes happening. So while we can't speak to its efficacy in detox or weight loss. The benefits we have seen, however slight they may sound, are ones that we have not been able to get anywhere else. The periods of respite from the constant pain and tingling, though short, make a world of difference for him.


If you want to make life a difference, I suggest you have a try of this detox foot patch!

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