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The warm eye mask

The warm eye mask


Steam eye mask is the use of advanced self-heating temperature control technology, so that air moisture and iron powder inside the goggles to send chemical reactions, the formation of fever, the naked eye can not see the slight moist water. It is the eye care market demand and developed a generic name of the product, because of its spontaneous formation of heat, steam is named.

The reaction principle of steam eye mask is the reaction principle of the rapid oxidation of iron powder after contact with oxygen in the air. In order to make the temperature longer and more constant temperature, the product uses a very sophisticated breathable film. In use, remove the outer bag, so that the product is exposed to the air for 30 seconds, the oxygen in the air through the micro-breathable membrane into the inside. The time and temperature of the heat released is controlled by the oxygen permeation rate of the gas permeable membrane. If oxygen is too fast, then, too much heat, most likely burn the skin. If oxygen is too slow, the temperature is too low.

The External reaction principle of steam eye mask.

Through the senior medical non-woven uniform release of steam, the use of steam to warm the eye to promote blood microcirculation, relaxation of eye muscles, digestion of eye fatigue and discomfort.

The Internal reaction principle of steam eye mask.

Is the use of primary battery reaction to accelerate the rate of oxidation reaction, the chemical energy into heat, and then use the heat generated by the internal material in the evaporation of water stability, so as to achieve the use of steam heat and humidity to relieve eye fatigue, Department of blood circulation, eyesight and so refreshing effect.

In order for the temperature to last long enough and the inner bag of the heat generating sheet produced by the stream is exposed to the air, the oxygen in the air enters through the gas-permeable membrane and reacts with the iron powder and releases heat. The exothermic time and temperature are controlled by the oxygen permeation rate of the permeable membrane, in which the steam process is the exotherm of the internal material, which greatly accelerates the evaporation rate of the water and evaporates the water vapor quickly to form the vapor.

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