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The Use Tips of Lower Body Slim Patch

The Use Tips of Lower Body Slim Patch



A Slim patch can effectively promote the depolymerization of blood cells and platelets through improving the order of extracellular ions and non-ionic substances. 

slim patch

Ingredients: Sophoricoside, catechin, capsaicin, caffeine, cohesionant, nonwoven fabric, Salicornia europaea,(Salicornia herbacea extract) softens skin and manages body fat.

 Warm tips:

1.attach patch on the areas of concern

2.Control your cellulite in using a patch

3.It is fine to only apply point patch on  the desire areas where additional care is needed

At using these patches in combination with suitable exercise and a strict diet for around 4weeks, you can see the product’s definite cellulite -alleviating effect.

weight loss patches

Use tips :
1.After removing any moisture and cosmetics from the spot to attach belly slim patch, then attach it
2.At the initial use, please keep the patch attached on the spot for 4-6hours depending on the user’s flash texture .then you can use the same patch maximally for 8 hours with gradually increasing the patch use hours .
3.In case of using a belly slim patch on the same body spot. then recommend using a new patch on each different body part, avoiding the same spot
4.If you feel strong irritation atipping off a patch from a body spot, then it is convenient to attach a patch after applying some body cream on the spot to attach it
5.In case of feeling itchy while using a patch, then never scratch the itchy spot, and take the pack on the spot. Then resume using a patch at intervals of 2-3days

diet patch

Caution or all slimming patches 
Only for external use,
Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from skin allergies
Do not use on damaged skin and if irritation occurs.

fat burning patches

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