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The treatment principle of foot stickers

The treatment principle of foot stickers


Foot patch is a kind of health care product for physiotherapy. Foot massage has a long history in China. Foot patch is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine pedicure health care product that is administered subcutaneously under the foot.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the foot has three yin and three yang, and the foot is passed through the three yin and yang into the corresponding viscera. The foot patch and the sole of the foot, through the action of the plantar and related meridian reflex zones, the various elite components penetrate and participate in the circulatory system, and the toxins retained between the cells in the body are absorbed and excreted with the circulatory system during the circulation. It can promote metabolism, promote sleep, relieve fatigue, improve constipation, bad breath and bloating; activate cells, excrete moisture in the body, and relieve stress on the soles and joints. 

Foot patch

Foot patch Applicable people:

1, beauty group 

2, constipation, bad breath, body odor, foot odor 

3, sub-health status group 

4, computer workers, work pressure, long-term exposure to radiation; 

5, standing for a long time, walking 

6, neck, shoulder, waist, leg pain and swelling of the crowd 

7, feet, legs fatigue. 

Use Foot patch step:

1. Clean the foot, a hot foot bath is good 

2. Place the side of the foot and vent hole close to the sole of the foot and fix it with a tape 

3. Lay flat or side, and remove it after 8 hours. 

Foot patch features:

1. A simple, fast, painless, comfortable, relaxing, gentle home treatment therapy 

2. Enhance metabolism and promote sleep after use 

3. Can safely discharge harmful toxins, the basic components of heavy metal foot stick powder are: Bamboo vinegar powder and wood vinegar powder, authentic wood vinegar powder and bamboo vinegar powder products are red, have high-temperature refined tree vinegar color, and have a strong medicinal vinegar flavor, while counterfeit products are dark gray, vinegar taste does not get, And there is the taste of vinegar. The packaging of qualified products is strict, the packaging of counterfeit products is simple and often accompanied by powder leakage. 

After use, the footer of the qualified product will turn black or dark brown, while the counterfeit product will be dark orange.

1. Generally, the foot patch will become wet and black after use, which is a normal physical phenomenon caused by the reaction of the foot patch with the sweat of the sole.

 2.the role of foot patch is similar to foot massage, mainly by stimulating the acupuncture point and reflex zone of the foot, regulating endocrine, promoting blood circulation, and enhancing excretion. Therefore, it can be seen that the detoxification and dehumidification of the foot are mainly discharged through the circulation of the body by promoting metabolism and excretion.

 3.the effect of foot detoxification is definitely there, but because of people, it is necessary to maintain a normal attitude, to avoid the expectations are too high, resulting in a deceived psychology.

Health care, the most important thing in daily life is the health care of the feet. Why do you say that because the nerve endings of the body are on the feet, the roots of the plants are the same, the old feet are old, this is the reason, so everyone will Choose a foot patch to use because he is convenient, that is, does not affect the work, but also plays a role in health care?


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