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The Rising Price Of Oil And How It Can Affect

by:Kangdi     2020-07-07
It is very evident from the rise in the price of gasoline that the price of oil has dramatically increased from in the past few years. Although gasoline is the first thing that individuals associate with the rising price of oil, however there are many other products that also are directly affected by the increase. One of the sectors that has been effected greatly by the increase are medical devices like nebulizer devices and stethoscopes. The reason for this is because plastics are made with oil and plastics are some of the major components in almost all medical devices. As a result you will see a rise in the cost of medical devices as a result of the oil prices. There has been much speculation as to the fact that the price of oil is to go beyond $130 per barrel in the very near future. This unfortunately will have a profound effect on all medical devices. For example, a nebulizer is a health device that is used to deliver respiratory medication to individuals suffering from asthma, COPD, or other respiratory concerns. Because the device is made entirely plastic for its exterior there will be obviously a direct impact on its price. However, there does exist some relief for these products. There is now new material in production that actually relies less on synthetic oil and as a result it incorporates other materials which will then rely less on oil. Years ago, it was truly an innovative breakthrough to be able to utilize oil in order to make plastic. It truly changed the world and actually paved the way for such devices as nebulizer systems because they could now be made with sturdy yet lightweight plastic that allowed the device to be easily portable. Portability has been a feature that millions have sought in medical devices for decades. The power of portability is important because it allows individuals with various health conditions to be able to take the device with them wherever they go. Whatever type of material that will replace plastics has to also be quite sturdy in order to withstand drops that frequently occur with portable medical devices. Because the systems are made with sophisticated computer systems it is very important that they be well protected because if they are dropped then the computer systems would be damaged. Although the price of oil is going to continue to rise there does exist relief from alternative materials to be used in medical devices.
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