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The principle of motion sickness patches

The principle of motion sickness patches


   Motion sickness patch  

  Many people suffering from motion sickness, even further development of the traffic, the outside world and then wonderful, small motion sickness also hindered their footsteps. Motion sickness is the savior of patients with motion sickness, can alleviate the problem of motion sickness. We need to know the principle of the motion sickness patch before using it. what the right medicine is the truth.

   Although the oil can also cure motion sickness, there are a lot of people on the taste of the oil that is resisted, painted on the nose feeling hot, and even some smoked eyes. Motion sickness patch with a simple, fast, no pain characteristics. In fact, the smell of gasoline and so will only aggravate the nausea symptoms of motion sickness crowd, the real cause of the root causes of motion sickness in the inner ear, your inner ear to the outside of the balance of the incoming stimulus reaction is more intense, the more you are prone to motion sickness. The principle of motion sickness is to adjust the inner ear function.

Motion sickness patch

  Motion sickness patch principle

  Motion sickness patch is mainly affixed to the human ear, with the help of the aroma of lemon essential oils and alcohol, menthol evaporation, reduce the body motion sickness reaction. Through skin penetration, the human nervous system plays a role in regulating, so as to alleviate the phenomenon of motion sickness.

   Understand the principle of motion sickness stickers we will find that the side effects of motion sickness are much smaller than the motion sickness, which is a very safe, convenient, and effective method of preventing motion sickness. Elderly travel can carry, no longer allow motion sickness to hinder the pace of your progress!

   My mother is very easy to motion sickness, car ten minutes will be nausea and vomiting. I bought some motion sickness patch to her, the result is surprisingly good. Motion sickness for bad people for motion sickness, it is not small well-being. If you or your family were easy to motion sickness, quickly come to our website to see it? I believe you will benefit a lot.

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