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The correct use of the eye ointment

The correct use of the eye ointment


Corns are a very common skin disease. It is actually a nail that grows in the skin layer. It is hard and can cause daily affecting activities such as walking or squeezing pain. The easiest way to treat is to use the corns. There is no small dot in the middle of the corns, or else you should continue to paste. If the corns are attached, use hot water to soak the surface first, then gently scrape the surface with a blade to see if there is anything like the eye in the middle. If there is, there is no good, continue to use the corns.

For the corns on the feet, people can definitely find a solution. For example, using the corns is a well-known solution, but some people find that the effect of the corns is not ideal. This may be the reason why the corns are not properly used.

eye ointment

The correct use of the eye ointment: first clean the soles with hot water, especially the position of the long corns, soak the eyes for 10 to 20 minutes, then dry the feet, you can use the blade to properly scrape the calluses outside the eyes. Then align the center of the eye ointment with the corns and attach it to the sole of the foot. In general, eye ointment should be changed once a day. Whenever you change it, you must wash your soles, then remove the corns and replace them with new ones. Until the roots of the corns are removed, pay attention to local hygiene, and prevent infection during the period of use. Secondly, the precautions should be painful in the middle of the medication and will be attached one or two times after the black whiskers are not seen. Remove the white skin, disinfect with alcohol, and stick a band-aid to prevent infection. The full-featured medicine of the foot of the house is fully enclosed and sterilized by the biofilm-forming technology. The elastic transparent film formed around the infected skin dehydrates the stratum corneum which loses its growth ability and gradually peels off from the normal skin, leaving the user without any use. In the pain, it is very simple and thorough to remove the corns, and it can eliminate the residual fungus and soften the skin of the feet, keeping the skin in a normal state. It is a very safe product for corn. 

On the other hand, the eye cream principle of chicken eye ointment can treat corns because the active ingredient in the eye cream is the salicylic acid that can treat the corns. However, its use is still limited. In the case of mild symptoms, the corns can be cured by eye cream; if the symptoms of the corns are serious, it is difficult to apply the eye cream to the proper effect. In this case, it is best for the patient to use the surgical method to completely remove the corns on the soles of the feet. This is the best method for treating the eyes. Secondly, when using the corns stick, the white circle of the corns does not need to be removed, the corns are stuck, and a large tape is attached to the outside. (The plaster is also OK). Change it 2 days, don't forget to use hot water for 20 minutes before using the eye patch, so that the medicine can absorb better. You can walk with your shoes, but be sure to slow down. 

Suggestions: If you want to remove the old skin on your feet, you can take a piece of tape (or plaster) to cut a hole as big as the old skin, first stick it on the sole of the foot, then stick the eye of the eye, then the circle needs to be removed. Then stick a large tape on the outside and it will be ok. (The old skin area can be used with a few more corns.) Finally, before using the corns, use warm water to soak the feet, soften the skin, and remove dead skin. Then apply the eye drops and stick the corns stick to keep the feet dry during the process of sticking. As for the eye, the patch can cure eye disease? Patients do not have to worry, as long as they are regular products purchased by regular channels, medication according to the doctor's instructions can basically guarantee the cure, this patient does not have to worry too much. Under the correct method of use, the eye cream has no toxic side effects.

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