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The benefits for wear a steam eye mask

The benefits for wear a steam eye mask


The benefits of wear a steam eye mask when you sleep:

Wearing a steam eye mask when you sleep, at the beginning of half an hour can help to relax the eye skin, relieve the tension of the eye muscles to help you enjoy better sleep. Another steam eye mask can stop like a normal mask after use, to help block the light, so sleep more stable.


Steam Eye Mask gently envelopes your delicate eyes and eye area with a generous shower of comfortable warm steam. This “steam bath for the eyes” helps with deep release the tension of the day and soothes you to a comfortable and relaxed state. Comfortable steam envelopes your eyes and eye area gently.


Steam eye mask in addition to sleep when you can wear, but also in the usual lunch break, work breaks and other void time to use, at any time to help ease eye fatigue, to help the eyes rest.

steam eye mask 

How often can I use a steam eye mask?

Can I use the product multiple times a day? There is no limit to the frequency of use. However, please reduce the frequency if you experience any discomfort in the eyes or the skin in the eye area.


What does a steam eye mask do?

The Hot Eyes Steam Eye Mask by IVY GmbH helps to relax tired eyes soothingly. The Hot Eyes Steam helps to reduce the tiredness of the eyes, to relax the eye area and to reduce the dark circles around the eyes after just 10 minutes.

 steam eye mask

How long is the steam eye mask can last?

World recognized science eye length is 20 minutes, so the best eye care time for steam eye mask is the same, the eye is very fragile, pay attention. 20 minutes is the best, the length of heat in about 20 minutes can be almost, the heat time is short, the use of the effect will be obvious, too long fever may cause eye skin damage. Flip-type steam goggles, from the eyes next to the eye can not see the micro-warm steam, soft skin, relieve fatigue. About 40 ℃ comfortable fast temperature, for 10-30 minutes, comfortable body and mind.


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