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Self heating neck protection

Self heating neck protection


Our self heating neck guard is made of Brazilian gemstone tourmaline, nano functional ceramic powder and special thermal sensitive materials. Under the excitation of human body temperature, the heat sensitive material reacts through the action of transfer catalyst to release heat. With the increase of heat energy, far-infrared negative ions penetrate into the deep skin, decompose harmful substances (such as lipid peroxide) and excrete through sweat and urine, expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, activate cells and regulate nerves. It has good:

1. Activate the activity of biomacromolecules, just like play the role of biomacromolecules in regulating human metabolism and immunity, which is conducive to the recovery and balance of body functions, and achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of diseases.

2. Promote and improve local and systemic blood circulation.

3. Enhance metabolism.

4. Improve the immune function.

5. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects.

6. Analgesic effect.

It can also stimulate acupoints, dredge channels and collaterals, promote human metabolism, regulate nervous system, activate endocrine, relieve pain, eliminate cold relief, expand blood vessels, relieve fatigue and pain. Quick effect, better long-term effect.

Self heating neck protection is mainly suitable for people who bow their heads to study or work in the office for a long time, such as teachers, office workers and other people who use their heads and necks frequently, and people who have neck injuries and exert too much force, such as athletes. It is also suitable for people who use computers for a long time. The method of use is relatively simple: directly connect the self heating part of the neck (including the magnet part) to the affected part of the neck. Far infrared, magnetic therapy and self heating hot moxibustion can gradually take effect, and the neck skin will gradually produce a slight warmth, making your neck more comfortable.

However, please pay attention to the following points when using:

1. If you want to use the high heat effect quickly, you must wipe the hot surface thoroughly with water and make sure it is close to the skin;

2. The function of self heating is to activate the cell vitality and local blood circulation of human body, and promote the self heating of human body. It's expressed by heat from the inside out, not by baking the surface of the skin through the outside heat, so the neck doesn't feel burned.

It is not necessary to use high temperature moxibustion every time. Although the skin will not produce high heat soon, it will not affect the normal function of far infrared, magnetic therapy and moxibustion.

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