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Scope of Mosquito repellent patch

Scope of Mosquito repellent patch


Mosquito repellent patch

Life is becoming more and more convenient, people pay more and more attention to health, and Henan kangdy patch as an experienced manufacturer, has compiled the latest life common sense and skills, and favorite friends should not miss it. The following tips are provided by the overseas learning network. Where is the mosquito repellent patch, called suggests, but where? Where does the repellent work better? First of all, make sure that the patch doesn't stick directly to the skin! Remove the product packaging bag with mosquito patch, take out the patch, and put it directly into the clothing bag. Or move the mucous membrane to the side of the socks, underwear or jacket, and attach it to the skirt. It can also be connected to office furniture and other furniture nearby. Every article, every article lasts 72 hours.

Mosquito repellent patch

Mosquito repellent patch incense patch system, using natural anti-mosquito plant extracts and polymer gel matrix combination, using microsphere coating and constant speed sustained-release agent oil, etc. As the driving material for development. Simply Megiddo card on clothes or any part of the human body can form 4 to 6 meters in diameter range can last 12-48 hours of the anti-mosquito, effective anti-mosquito, green environmental protection product, non-toxic and harmless, is an essential daily necessity in the home.

An anti-mosquito patch is convenient to use, just put the mosquito repellent patch directly fit into a pocket, peeling or plasters, affixed to the socks, outside the coat or jacket, pants, skirts, also can be placed in bad, office furniture, tables and chairs and other close to the body.

Scope of Mosquito repellent patch application:

A.Military camping and training of necessary supplies;

B. Use of domestic mosquito repellent, especially for families with children, to avoid adverse effects on people and skin damage;

C.Outdoor adventure, leisure, travel, walking, evening fishing, etc.

D.Offices, classrooms, dormitories, internal bars, cinemas, hotels, hotel parks, gardens, etc.

E.Other places that may be bitten by mosquitoes.

In a word, the mosquito repellent patch is useful for people. This is not only an easy thing but also environmentally friendly. It is very popular in many countries. You can buy your family and friends, if you want to buy a mat or for more information, and to buy it, please click on the link or directly with the phone number or E-mail contact us, we can provide you with the best serif, what are you waiting for, get in touch with us! It's easy to get a discount if you contact us in advance.


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