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Request for use of warm stickers

Request for use of warm stickers


Henan Kangdi Medical Devices Co., LTD is a self-produced and self-marketing Manufacturing Medical Equipment company, with warm stickers as the main products. The warm stickers series has become a hot product of Kangdi Medical.Kangdi Medical's medical patch is manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national standards. Every detail matters in the production. Strict cost control promotes the production of high-quality and priced-low products. Such a product is up to customers' needs for a highly cost-effective product.

warm stickers

Has been warming post wholesale agent products are warm pushing products manufacturer in Qiu dong season, is also a product of choice for everyone to keep out the cold in the winter to keep warm, warm and posted as a spontaneous thermal constant temperature product, for our outdoor indoor warm in winter and cold dispel play a crucial role in the body, and we all know that in winter often can appear the phenomenon of hands and feet cold, warm and warm paste products will accompany you spend the whole winter, so warm paste products have long been known as the winter warm artifact, but because of the warm is a hot product so we need to pay attention to these requirements in attach.

Because will have the effect of warm paste products in heating temperature is higher, then warm paste cannot be directly applied on the skin surface so are likely to be low-temperature scald skin, should be applied in the sweater or between the skin and need to every other clothes were applied, and warm stick also can not for a long period of time is only one place, on the one hand, the skin under the warm condition not breathe freely, on the other hand also prevent skin burns. In addition, the most noteworthy is not to be in the sleep when the warm paste, we sleep covered with a quilt, and at this time warm paste and at the same time in the heat, and we sleep when the body organs are also at rest, so relatively weak to the perception, at this time is easy to appear the problem of burns.

Warm stickers have very big advantage into warm, warm and stick to the wholesale agent manufacturer in Henan condi YaoXie co., LTD. also has a lot of warm paste products, such as warm palace stick, medicament, and other categories for wholesale agents to choose from, and condi on warm paste products in strict accordance with the standards to production, to ensure the safety of fever warm paste product.

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