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Preparing for an Interview for Medical Sales Position

by:Kangdi     2020-05-28
As in every industry the medical devices industry requires a good preparation for your interview, as medical devices companies are becoming more demanding in terms of what they are looking for, they expect candidates to show up prepared. Since competition for medical sales jobs can be fierce, you can give yourself an advantage by preparing for an interview, by researching the medical devices, being that theatre products or consumables sold by the company, as well as the healthcare industry in general. Working as a medical sales representative can be a rewarding and exciting career, however sales interviews can be difficult, and positions for medical device sales representatives, territory managers or account managers are demanding. If your background and experience matches the requirements of the medical devices company all you need to do is be prepared for an interview. Be prepared to give well thought answers by knowing what questions to expect in a medical sales interview. As mentioned above one of the most crucial steps in preparing for an interview is to research the company you are interviewing for, know what their products are, who is the competition, and the end users. One of the most common questions that is awkward to answer 'What is your greatest weakness' needs a well thought answer that needs to be related to the qualities needed for the sales position and should include evidence that you are working on improving that weakness. No one is perfect and perfectionism doesn't go well with hiring managers. Dress appropriately for an interview and pay attention to your body language. Have a brag book prepared, especially if you have data to show your previous success in medical sales, and prove to the hiring manager that you have sold medical devices in your previous job and you have done it successfully. The brag file can include sales stats, certifications, power point presentations you have created, brochures if you have done any, and the types of products or equipment you have marketed and sold before. Closing an interview is one of the most important steps, if you are in medical sales you should know how to close a sale, so this should be done in the same way, only the product you are selling is yourself. Asking whether there is anything you could have done differently, or if there is anything that will prevent you from doing the job that you could work on, will not only leave positive impression to the hiring manager but also show your commitment and eagerness for the job. Lastly, same as in every other interview, it is important to smile, take your time to think about the answers you give and enjoy yourself.
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