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Power Wheelchairs Are Medical Devices Specially

by:Kangdi     2020-07-11
Power wheelchairs are medical devices which are specially designed to assist people, from children to adults, who may require a motorized wheelchair during any type of daily activity. There are a few different varieties of power wheelchairs which feature varying designs. However, the basic wheelchair design consists of a seat with a sturdy backing, 2 large wheels, 2 smaller--usually frontal--wheels, as well as a compartment for the wheelchair battery and a controller; power mobility controllers are typically built into the armrest of the wheelchair, usually in an area that can be easily reached by hands. Some power mobility units, casually referred to as 'captain's chair' designs, are similar to a car seat-they feature a long seat back, a wide wheelchair seat, long armrests, and usually six wheels of small to medium size. There are many different reasons that you or someone you know might choose to use a power mobility product. The most frequent reason for someone to use a power mobility product is their need to use a wheelchair for medical reasons, such as being unable to stand for long periods of time, having an illness or condition which makes walking difficult, having an illness or condition which makes walking impossible, and so on; however, some people are unable to use manual wheelchairs which require excellent upper body strength in order to propel and maneuver. Power wheelchairs can be used by people with limited upper body strength, limited upper body movement, weakness, etc., much more readily than a manual wheelchair. Some people may need to use power wheelchairs for all movement within a home or outside of the home performing other activities, such as shopping, errand running, or other events; others may only require the use of a power mobility unit when they have been in an accident, when they are ill and weakened, or when certain conditions-such as walking for hours on end-have been met. The type of power mobility unit used by an individual will largely depend on their personal budget as well as the reason that they require the wheelchair. Basic power wheelchairs generally cost less than comparatively more complicated designs, such as those that feature more than four wheels, motorized and moveable seat backs, and hood coverings- like those found in specialized rough terrain power wheelchairs - and so on. Power wheelchairs can be difficult to procure for people without disabilities that permanently hinder their movement; many insurance companies will not agree to cover the cost of power mobility units for patients who have the ability to walk at all, regardless of whether or not walking is difficult or painful. Many power wheelchairs are therefore offered by private companies, who offer competitive prices and designs. Power wheelchairs are a medical device which is commonly used by those with difficulty in walking as well as other medical conditions that make long periods of walking or standing difficult or dangerous. Power wheelchairs come in many designs and their overall price will largely depend on the design desired or required as well as the disability or condition which causes someone to seek out a power wheelchair.
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