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Where is the good market for the physical cooling gel patch?

Where is the good market for the physical cooling gel patch?


Fever is a very common disease in the world. Many people face the problem of fever. Especially the kids. As parents, we all want our children are happy and healthy. So physical cooling gel patch is a good choice. Henan kangdi medical devices co.,ltd.,with a history of 30 years, is a fever cooling gel patch manufacturer in China. Henan kangdi has both domestic and oversea markets.

A physical cooling gel patch can reduce fever physically. It can help parents and children in time. Children will not suffer the pain of medicines and injections.

What kind of fever patch we can provide? 

Herbal, long-lasting, fast effect, various flavors.Herbal: the main ingredients are menthol, borneol, purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, etc. It is applied on the forehead, external use. It is safe and convenient to use. Long-lasting: The cooling effect can last up to 10hours. It can keep a long time reducing the fever of children and adults. It takes effect as soon as applied it on the skin. We can add different kinds of fruit oils in the patch, which can meet children’s different favorites. We can also design and print cartoons on the cloth. If people love the physical cooling gel patch, it is also good information for the fever patch sourcing agent. They can have good markets and clients based on our high-quality products. Regarding the quality of the fever patch, we have CE certificate and ISO, certificate of analyses.

Physical Cooling Gel Patch

Where is the good market for the physical cooling gel patch

1.The countries where are too hot in summer. Such as Saudi Arabic, Kuwait, Egypt, etc.

2.People who are in abominable working places: Such as the high-temperature workshop. Or people who are doing outdoor activities.

3.The families which have children.

It is better to prepare some fever-reducing patches in the family, especially if you have children.

4.The people who pay much more attention to their health. They prefer physical therapy to medicine.

Physical Cooling Gel Patch absorbs and disperses heat effectively and can be used when your baby becomes feverish. Perfectly sized, it attaches firmly to your babyメs forehead and will not displace at the slightest movement. The cooling gel in each sheet does not contain fragrance or coloring is gentle to babyメs skin. The crisp and cool effect will last for about 4 hours per sheet.

Features and Benefits

Ready to use when any family member has a fever. No need to cool in the refrigerator. Convenient to use.

The adhesive gel sheet stays well in place even the user turns in bed or makes any body movement.

A comfortable and stable cooling effect persists for about 4 hours per sheet.

No Fragrance or color is used.

Don't forget

For sleepless nights/ sultry nights

For headache or toothache

For sprains and bruises

For hot days

For flushed skin after sports

What's in the box

6 x cooling gel pads

How to Use Physical Cooling Gel Patch

Remove the transparent film, and tightly attach the gel cooling surface to the desired body area.

Cut the cooling gel sheet to a suitable size with scissors according to the size of the affected region.

Use each cooling gel sheet once only due to the reason of sanitation and effectiveness.


Do not use the cooling gel sheet on eyes or any injured body area (e.g. cut, eczema, rash, burns, thermal injury, etc.)

Take extra care while using the cooling gel sheet on babies and infants or persons with weak skin. If any irritation such as swelling, rashes, etc., occurs during or after use, stop using immediately and consult a dermatologist.

When the cooling gel sheet is used on babies and infants or those who cannot apply the product themselves, use under the supervision of parents or other responsible adults, and pay special attention not to let them eat or place the product into their mouth or nostril to prevent from suffocation.

The cooling gel sheet does not stick well if the skin is sweating or the sheet is attached on surfaces with hair or eyebrows.

The cooling gel sheet does not stick well if the skin is sweating or the sheet is attached on surfaces with hair or eyebrows.

Avoid storing in places under high temperatures. Keep in a dark cool place for storage.

The cooling gel sheet is not medicine. If fever persists, please consult a doctor.

Care instructions:

Store in the refrigerator for a better cooling effect. (Do not store in freezer)

Do you want to distribute the physical cooling gel patch? No matter where are you,no matter who you are.Only if you have the idea of purchasing cooling gel patch,you have the clients groups,we will offer you great help during business cooperation.

There are experienced custom service team who can answer all your questions and provide all the help that we can.We produce the high quality products which can help you make good selling.We offer best price to you as we are factory our self.We provide you the promotion materials like posters,fliers,gifts,etc.As we have the experiences of marketing.We can provide the documents for registration or import documents according to your countries requirements. So,, if you have the idea to be a distributor of a physical cooling gel patch, catch the chance, we are waiting for you.

We welcome distributors for both physical cooling gel patch and other patches. If you are the one who has an interest, ability, customer groups, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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