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New Republican Political Branding For 2012 - We

by:Kangdi     2020-05-27
As business owners we sure take a huge hit when it comes to the political rhetoric of class-warfare. It seems to me that the population has become so ungrateful for our sacrifices and hard work. We are used, underappreciated, and disrespected. Yes, I know, 'if you want a good friend in Washington DC, buy a dog!' Still, to be disrespected by your President, the President of the greatest nation in the world, built through free-market capitalism, well at that point, enough is enough, I'd say. Yes, let's talk America, because there is something you should know. When President Obama was asked to explain what he meant by his 'You Didn't Build That Speech' he seemed to double-down and try to re-explain what he already said and what we all knew we heard the first time. He says that Mr. Romney doesn't get it, and that the small businesses of America ought to pay higher taxes for all the things that helped them succeed and that they couldn't have succeeded without the help of the government - to this I say; BS. While in business myself, all I can remember is that the government at all levels attempted to curtail, tax, and over regulate my business doing everything possible to steal my hard work ethics and success along the way. I never once saw the government 'Helping me succeed' and I would have been able to succeed in any nation with my level of hard work, any country on this planet. So, for him to take credit for my success and 27 years of 17-hours per day hard work is again; BS. The President after hearing the push back from small businesses and large ones too stated that the government built the space program, medical devices, etc, etc. But on further review, just as we looked at his comments that the government built the roads, bridges, and dams, well, they couldn't have done that without Carnegie Steel, Bechtel, and all the entrepreneurs making the bricks, concrete, materials, and shipping and delivering it. Okay so, let's take up this latest comment about medical devices and the space program shall we? Well, where do you think all the parts came to make all the hardware, equipment, and fuel to launch that space program? We Built That - Entrepreneurial Spirit. And what is he talking about when it comes to medical devices? Is he talking about DARPA which puts out endless solicitations to businesses to build stuff - we built that too, everywhere you go, everything you see was made, brought, or built by American businesses of all sizes - we built that. The New Republican 2012 Campaign should be built around the new slogan; We Built That!
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