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Nasal inhaler sticks instructions

Nasal inhaler sticks instructions


Nasal inhaler sticks

Nasal Inhaler Sticks is a nasal decongestant stick (0.5 ml medication) it contains the active ingredients: Menthol (125mg), Camphor (50mg), Siberian Pine Needle Oil (10mg). It also contains methyl salicylate. When you inhale these actives through your nose they work on the lining of your nasal passages to ease breathing and help relieve a stuffy nose caused by colds or allergic reactions.


Thailand is very popular all over the world in those years, the two have the same function to relieve: Fever, headache, sleepy. Tiredness, motion sickness.Scald, bruise, mosquito tings.


Does Nasal inhaler sticks work?

How does inhaler work? the inhaler contains menthol, camphor, and pine needle oil, which have traditionally been used for many years as inhalations for their decongestant effect. They give off vapors that have a cooling and decongestant effect in the lining of the nose when you breathe them in.


What are the side effects of using Nasal inhaler sticks?

For the Consumer

Blurred vision.

difficulty in urination.

drowsiness or dizziness.

nausea or vomiting (severe)

shakiness and unsteady walk.

slowed breathing.

unusual excitement, nervousness, restlessness, or irritability (severe)

 Nasal inhaler sticks

Is Nasal inhaler stick bad for health?

In summary, the low doses of inhaled l-methamphetamine delivered from the Nasal inhaler sticks produced little cardiovascular effects in healthy people, even when given in amounts much larger than recommended. Over time, changes in blood pressure and heart rate were clinically insignificant.


What happens if you put Nasal inhaler sticks in your nose?

In fact, putting Nasal inhaler sticks directly under the nose, as opposed to rubbing it on the chest, may actually make it harder to breathe, In children under age 2, this could result in an increase in mucus and congestion.


Does Nasal inhaler sticks get you high?

Yes, they can if you're into scraping the bottom of the barrel to get high. Take a new inhaler and break it open.


The ingredients are the same, and these ingredients have different functions.Menthol: Cool refreshing, itching, and for a cold headache.Borneol: Relieve pain, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.Camphor: Insecticidal itching, swelling, and pain.Eucalyptus: Relieve mental fatigue.


The product has consisted of two parts. The one side is cream, it can be inserted into your nose. The other side is an essential oil, it can be applied to your uncomfortable place.


1.PACKAGING.The outer packaging is a tough nut to crack, and while child-safe. The inhaler itself is made of sturdy plastic and feels well made.

2.If you are accustomed to Nasal inhaler sticks. With their distinctive camphorous menthol and eucalyptus aroma, the Nasal inhaler sticks will be a bit change for you. Aromatic plays a starring role in this blend, backed with an ample dose of menthol, the overall effect is much more "aromatherapy" like.

3.INGREDIENTS & EFFICACY. The active ingredient in Poy-Sian and Peppermint Field is menthol. When inhaled, it opens up the nasal passages and sinuses, relieving pressure and congestion.

In my experience, Nasal inhaler sticks are about equally effective immediately after use, but Peppermint Fieldworks much much longer -- in the hour's range versus minutes with Peppermint Field, which also makes it a better value in my opinion.

It’s for you if you want decongestant relief, but don't want to take anything in pill form, or want to give your oral decongestant an added boost.; you like aromatic, or can at least tolerate the scent; You are a Nasal inhaler sticks user looking for a longer-lasting upgrade.

It is a really new thing, I think you should have a try!

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