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Motion Sickness Patch-Everything You Need To Know

Motion Sickness Patch-Everything You Need To Know


Motion Sickness Patch

In this article, we discuss something called motion sickness patch. Of course, you will learn about the ways to use a patch yourself. We hope this post will help you with your questions!

KONGDY focus on produce all of the kinds of health care product, all of our products comply with international quality standards. Have been passed the CE and ISO GMP, BV, TUV, FDA. Through 30 years of expression, integrating scientific research, equipment, production, test, marketing as a whole, KONGDY has become the largest manufacturing base of natural plaster in China.

Motion Sickness Patch

❤【Curative Mechanism】By expanding the capillaries of the skin, to improve the microcirculation of the body and increase the amount of oxygen to the brain, thus comes to the effect of refreshing your brain. Better treatment of motion sickness.

❤【Effective Against Motion Sickness】Relieve the Vomiting, Nausea, Dizziness, Anorexia, and other symptoms resulted from sickness of Cars, Ships, Airplanes, Trains, Subway and other means of transport.

❤【Patches Advantages 】High quality, quick effect, and no side effects. Lightweight, Waterproof, Easy to Carry, and Use. Much easier than the pills and without the drowsiness.

❤【Applicable Scene】Cruise, Car, Airplane, Boat, Also family use while traveling, flying, or driving! Gift for tourists during the cruise, corporate travel. The best partner for fishing or roller coaster.

❤【Main Ingredients】As picture shows, all are Green and Healthy, Specially Formulated to Prevent and Treat Motion Sickness. Placing patches behind ears and 30 minutes later will feel better, the effect lasts for 72 hrs.

★ No longer let motion sickness ruin your journey, no longer let dizziness and nausea affect your good life!

♥Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms for many people while driving or traveling by cars, cruise, airplanes. Some people choose to endure them because they do not want to experience the negative side effects of the medicines, which may at times be even worse than what it is meant to treat.

♥If you don't want to take a tablet, as a natural treatment option, the seasick patch works well for many.

♥Motion sickness patches are definitely for you. Characterized by high quality, quick effect, and no side effects. The effect lasts for 72 hours with non-drowsy and has no adverse effects. Particularly suitable for people suffering from motion sickness.

♥Cheap and cheerful: Motion sickness patch is certified by FDA and CE, the genuine product has all the functions of relieving motion sickness, and cheap and cheerful, compared with the market mainstream motion sickness patch seller, you can get twice the motion sickness patch at the same price.

♥Placing patches behind ears or on the navel and 30 minutes later, the active ingredients have been absorbed into the body circulation by the skin, increasing the amount of oxygen in the brain, so refreshing and relieving motion sickness.

Motion Sickness Patch Specification:

Application: Suitable for motion sickness, seasickness, airsickness, dizziness caused by vomiting.

Diameter: 1.18 inch.

Ingredients: Safflower, Borneol, Frankincense, Pinellia Tuber, Tall Gastrodia Tuber.

I hope that my introduction can help you better understand the motion sickness patch. The perfect healthy gift for you and your family. Thanks.


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