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Motion Sickness Patch Can Help You Fell The Sickness

Motion Sickness Patch Can Help You Fell The Sickness


Do you often take the bus or car to work in the company? Do you feel the sickness when you on the bus or car? It is very sad for us, it will affect our work and mood.so I will introduce the motion sickness patch.


Motion sickness patches

Motion sickness patches are the best way to prevent nausea associated with motion sickness. The motion sickness of is a hydrophilic polymer gel as the main body, contain a variety of natural plant extracts, through effective composition and moisture two-way penetration, rapid and stable cooling effect, achieve cold therapy, calm anti-dazzle, etc multiple effects .it is carsick paste action principle is the use of the hydrophilic polymer gel made of transdermal drug delivery patches, stick in the ear skin after using, it is the main composition by percutaneous absorption, into the blood, to achieve the down dizzy anti-nausea effect, without any side effects.


The safety and reliability of the motion sickness patch of Kangdi:the answer must be safety.

1, the effective ingredients of natural plants in the gel are not caused by their dependence and addiction.

2, effective ingredients can be absorbed through the skin without damaging the stomach, liver, and kidneys, and using safety

3, no organic solvents and toxins, no residues, easy to apply, soft and comfortable.motion sickness friends are worth taking a box for a day of travel to improve quality.


It’s no coincidence that the root of the word “nausea” is naus, the Greek word for “ship.” Motion sickness is a common ailment —, especially on boats. The condition occurs when your brain gets conflicting signals. Your eyes sense relative stillness, but your balance and position center sense motion. The mechanism that the body uses to determine motion and orientation becomes confused, and the result is an upset stomach, belching, nausea, vomiting, headache, and sweating.

 Motion sickness patch

Will you get sick? Well, women are a bit more susceptible, as are those who suffer from migraines and inner ear problems. If you get car sick, you’re also more likely to get motion sickness on a cruise. All that said, many people who travel by car and airplane with ease still get seasick because of the unique low frequency and rocking motion of a boat. With proper planning, however, you can prepare for, alleviate, and maybe even prevent this annoying condition.


1. If you Fell The Sickness, Get thee to a doctor

Talk to your physician before your cruise. There are a few medications that can prevent and treat the symptoms of motion sickness. The most common over-the-counter drugs included dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) and diphenhydramine (Benadryl). These drugs, however, can cause drowsiness, blurry vision, and, in some people, confusion, and urinary problems.


Prescription sedative and antinausea medications can also be effective for some people. The most commonly prescribed medication, though, is scopolamine, which comes in a patch that you wear behind your ear. It’s a preventative medication, so you apply it before you set sail, and one patch works for 72 hours. Once again, this medication can cause drowsiness, dry mouth, confusion, and an inability to urinate. Also, it shouldn’t be used by people at risk for a certain type of glaucoma, so check with your doctor.


2. Take care measures

These cars have stabilizers for smooth sailing. While aboard, minimize time performing head-fixed activities such as knitting, reading, and working on a computer. Finally, remember that your body senses the movement of the car relative to the earth at large. If you start to feel queasy, stop what you’re doing. Fix your eyes on the horizon, and take slow, deep breaths. If you reach a point where you need to lie down, lie on your back.


3. Practice mind over matter

Stay positive, and don’t expect to get sick. There is some evidence that psychosocial factors play a role in motion sickness. Expecting it to happen might just increase the likelihood that it will. In addition, you might want to practice a bit of willpower by skipping the buffet line and the bar once in a while. Overeating and excessive indulgence in alcohol won’t help your goal of avoiding


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