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Menthol Pain Patch-Everything You Need To Know

Menthol Pain Patch-Everything You Need To Know


In this article, we discuss something called the menthol pain patch. Of course, you will learn about the ways to use a patch yourself. We hope this post will help you with your questions!

KONGDY focus on produce all of the kinds of health care product, all of our products comply with international quality standards. Have been passed the CE and ISO GMP, BV, TUV, FDA. Through 30 years of expression, integrating scientific research, equipment, production, test, marketing as a whole, KONGDY has become the largest manufacturing base of natural plaster in China.

menthol pain patch


Deep penetration relieves all kinds of pain caused by wind, cold, wet, and soft tissue contusions, as well as stiff neck, back pain, and joint pain. Effectively treats strains, bruises, sprains, and abrasion during exercise, helping to increase vitality and endurance.

❤【Effective Relief Pain】

Provides effective doses of menthol and camphor extract, expanding the capillaries of the skin, thus promoting blood circulation, restrain tumefaction, and relieve local pain rapidly and powerful, which has a remarkable effect on closed soft tissue injury, good effect on analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

❤【Menthol Patch Advantages】

Waterproof and sweatproof, no need to heat or cool, flexible stretch with the body. Better flexibility, small enough to accurately locate the pain area, and accompanied by a refreshing sensation and fresh scent of mint. It can be worn comfortably under clothes with not attract attention.

❤【Green and Healthy】

As the image shows the main ingredients all are natural plant extracts, specifically developed to provide penetrating relief from deep-seated aches and pains associated with chronic or activity-induced back pain. No side effects and fast-acting, One sheet at a time, penetration force of up to 8 hours.

✔The pain-relieving patch certified by FDA is cheap and cheerful, has the same effect as the salon pas, but cheaper than them.

✔Small menthol patches work quickly for minor muscle pain. They are tiny enough to pinpoint the exact area of the aching muscle.

✔Their compactness is a plus when traveling -- a welcome relief from discomfort without using much luggage space.

Use for relief pains with:

◆Muscle Fatigue ◆Muscle Pain ◆Stiff Shoulder ◆Simple Backache ◆Strains Sprains ◆Bruises ◆Bone Fracture ◆Minor Frostbite.


✿This flexible patch is not messy or greasy. It is comfortable, breathable, and stays on securely. It is one of the small patches on the market.

✿It was specifically developed to provide penetrating relief from deep-seated aches and pains associated with chronic or activity-induced back pain.

Site of Pain Relief:

✿Get relief right where you need it.

✿These patches include 5.7% menthol, so you will feel a little cold when used.

Comfortable & Invisible:

✿Let your skin more comfortable and it can not be seen when used. It is so thin.

✿Our topical patches are absorbed directly into the affected area and start working fast. The effect lasts for 8 hours.

Product Specification:

♥Size: 2.56"×1.65".

♥Package: 24 Counts /1 box, 2 Boxes / Package.

♥Period of validity: 3 years.

♥Method of use: External use, directly attached to the affected area.

♥Applicable People: Sportsman, Elderly People, Dancer, Joint Pain Sufferer, Office Worker, Driver, Manual Worker, etc.

I hope that my introduction can help you better understand the menthol pain patch. The perfect healthy gift for you and your family. Thanks.

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