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Medical Silicone - More Than Breast Implants,

by:Kangdi     2020-05-23
Science continues to evolve and improve and this has been evidenced by silicone. It used to be that silicone was used for breast implants but today, science made progress and silicone is more than just for breast implants, since medical silicone is used for various purposes in the medical field. Silicone molding has been employed in surgery for the past few decades and has been a successful medical innovation all over the world. One reason why medical silicone has been successfully used as surgical implants is because the material is proven to be safe for the human body to accept without causing the body to react to or reject the material. With this fact, biomedical engineers continued studying it and have found that the material can be safe to use as surgical aids. Since the introduction of the medical silicone, there's no denying that the new material is great for a number of purposes such as for joint replacements and catheters. Catheters made from silicone are now more preferred to be used in the medical setting since it is made to be disposable. This proves that the new material is an excellent substitute for the old types of catheters which need to be sterilized and used all over again. For the new one, it simply needs to be discarded right away after use. Silicone is the new favorite material that is not only popular in surgical, biomedical and medical industries, but even in electronics and industrial field as well. For medical purposes, silicone can be used for knee cap and hip joint implants since it does not trigger a bodily reaction when introduced into the body. Silicone molding can also be used for routine medical checkup. As for the electronic purposes, you will be surprised that the material that was once popularly used for breast implantation can now be found in computers. Even microchips can be made out of silicone as well. See, silicone is not only made for breast implants! Today, silicone is used not only for aesthetic appeal for those who wish to enhance the size of their breasts. Aside from the aesthetic purposes, it serves as a medical aid to save the lives of people. These are some important reminders must be remembered before engaging into any cosmetic surgical. You can now think differently about silicone and think of it as the medical breakthrough which can help a lot of people.
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