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Medical Apps, IT Risks, Spectrum Challenges, and

by:Kangdi     2020-06-05
With all the malware found in our most favorite apps, it's as if you just can't download anything you want any more without knowing the source, and even if you trust the source, who is to say they haven't been infiltrated. After all, no one wants to get flamed, framed, or blamed these days, and the risks are great for companies who allow data to slip away or for loose lips to sink their ships. Okay so, let's talk about all the new mobile medical devices, and some of the challenges with all this. On May 30, 2012 there was a piece in the Wall Street Journal titled; 'There's a Medical App for That - Or Not,' by Scott Gottlieb and J.D. Kleinke which stated; 'Mobile software is part of the most important movement in health care. Will government regulators suffocate it?' When I read that I had to laugh, why you ask? Well because that's the definition of what government regulators do, regardless of industry. Consider if you will that you have HIPPA laws, the FDA, the FCC, and the entire regulatory bureaucracy that watches over the 'Industrial Medical Complex' on the scene. Does anyone really believe that things will move ahead in an orderly or common sense fashion - you know, to 'help people' in the health care sector? Not me. Further, consider the tough time all large corporate IT departments are going through right now, where everyone is busy logging into the corporate computer system on their mobile devices, while downloading apps from places unknown, with malware, spyware, robust tracking cookies, or God forbid the 'Flame Virus' which is enough to give any IT security professional one an upset stomach or headache - who knows maybe they can run the IT system from their hospital bed once they check in? President Obama said he'd like to see the frequency spectrum loosened for Medical and Hospital needs, and yes, surely he does, don't we all, but it really isn't that easy as you know. Still, if something isn't done none of these great devices can deliver the efficiency that's needed to control the onslaught of cost increases in our health care system. It's a giant catch-22 indeed. The regulations in place are stifling these new innovations, plus the security is paramount when it comes to medical electronics. These devices must be safe, robust, and security tight. Sharing frequencies is a problem obviously, but with all of the allotted spectrum being used and all the new devices moving forward, well, it's not only a massive regulatory nightmare, but a technical challenge as well. Please consider all this and think on it.
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