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Manual and mechanical distinction between two black plasters

Manual and mechanical distinction between two black plasters


Black plaster generation processing market

Often on the black plaster generation processing market the hustle and bustle of the client should all know now in the market can the processing of black plaster products which can be roughly divided into manual black plaster the two black plaster and mechanism, processors have been in the process of cooperation with manufacturers will face a choice of two types, the majority of customers tend to choose the processing mechanism of black plaster, and under the rapid development of science and technology, the mechanism of the plaster advantage is bigger and bigger, in the eyes of the processors are now full of reflection mechanism of black plaster, so why on earth will not widely choose manual black plaster? The following black plaster manufacturers to interpret the manual black plaster some of the situations.

black plaster

The effects of the traditional manual black plaster are relatively slow, not ShuiTie reaction will occur, and manual black plasters are made by a human, all processes are all human, so the edge of the black plaster will be irregular and uneven thickness, the shape also has deviation, the modern mechanism of plasters is produced by modern equipment for processing the surface smooth, neat and uniform shape, more good-looking. And the daily output of manual black plaster is very small, this mechanism plaster has advantages if the production equipment is professional enough to be able to produce a million daily paste.

The black plaster generation process

So black plaster generation process feel compared to the manual for black plaster modern black plaster can be mass production, quick saves don't need to consume resources and save a lot of time, only need to Henan Condi YaoXie plasters manufacturer's production capability and production equipment enough, you can guarantee customers are plentiful, and Condi and professional production team to ensure quality control product.

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