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Lose weight patch

Lose weight patch


Slimming patches are being widely advertised on the Web and in some stores. The ingredients are typically a mixture of plants and natural ingredients, such as hoodia gordonii, a seaweed called fucus vesiculosus and guarana, a stimulant. says will "control your hunger cravings and speed up your metabolism."

 KONGDY slimming patches are designed to help you get rid of stubborn belly fat.Maybe someone don’t know how the patches worked,so today i will give a brief instruction for this product.Hope it can help you make a good choose and help you lose weight in a healthy way.

According to Chinese dialectical treatment, open the block, to guide the theory of yin and yang, through the body of the king of hundred points - Shenque acupoints of absorption, drug therapy +, blood stasis and blood stasis, The balance of yin and yang, adjust the endocrine, to promote the body's negative balance between supply and demand, the total elimination of the human body caused by fat factors - the "three-point" of the body, Stasis. "

A. Restore the body's normal metabolic function: obesity, material metabolism and significant differences compared to normal, the same conditions in the diet, obesity, anabolic than normal hyperthyroidism, in particular, increased fat synthesis and reduced decomposition. Stagnation of blood stasis and absorption of the abdomen through the stimulation of drug acupuncture points, restore normal metabolism, balance energy metabolism, metabolism, inhibit fat synthesis, promote body fat mobilization and decomposition of fat, rebuild the body fat metabolism balance function.

B. Regulate the gastrointestinal tract, pancreatic function: gastrointestinal dysfunction can lead to water metabolism in the body, resulting in excess water pushed in the body, and the decomposition of fat can not function properly. In addition, pancreas dysfunction, will lead to the decomposition of sugar into heat hormones (pancreatic ducts) deficiency, so not only sugar metabolism, including fat, protein, water and minerals metabolism will be abnormal, the results The human body to supplement the energy and overeating, resulting in fat accumulation, the formation of obesity. The stasis-removing and abdomen sticking regulates the functions of the organs such as the gastrointestinal tract and the pancreas, improves the environment of the human body, and fully blocks the accumulation of excess fat in the body.

C. Conditioning endocrine: endocrine disorders, abnormal hormone secretion, such as: insulin, adrenaline, female hormones can lead to abnormal secretion of obesity. Such as: excessive secretion of estrogen, the synthesis of fat faster; estrogen secretion is too small, satiety nerves were inhibited decreased appetite, increased intake of more food, so more fat in the body Tuen plot. Elimination of the body, "three stasis", cut off the body in the "fat root", completely solve the problem of obesity, health and safety do not rebound.

2.Activation of lipase activity, accelerated lipolysis: plant activation of the body to stimulate the body to produce more lipase-activated cells to activate the activity of lipolytic enzymes in vivo, further decomposition of excessive consumption of fat accumulation, so that with the metabolic discharge in vitro.

The lose weight patch not only can help you lose weight effective,but also can help you regain confidence,so now contact us to know more details about this product.

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