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Kangdi Medium Nasal Strips

Kangdi Medium Nasal Strips


Medium Nasal Strips advantages:

1. An effective drug-free treatment program that allows you to breathe through your nose at night and is gentle on your skin.

2. Compared to traditional nasal stickers, Kangdi better breath nasal strips bring more airflow by lifting the nasal cavity, help you close your mouth, breathe with your nose, improve snoring, and give you and your partner a comfortable sleep.

3. Drug-free can help those who can't take medicine people to improve sleep, such as pregnant women and lactating women.

Medium Nasal Strips

Medium Nasal Strips Application:

1. Improve sleep - raise your nasal cavity, increase the flow of air, help you stop breathing with your mouth to avoid dry mouth, throat inflammation, and give you a comfortable sleep experience.

2. Reduce snoring - help your partner have a comfortable rest.

3. Relieve nasal congestion due to colds or allergies for breath Better, Sleep Better, Feel Better.

Medium Nasal Strips Directions:

1. Wash nose with soap and water, dry completely.

2. Center nasal strip over the bridge of the nose.

3. Press and hold for 30 seconds.

4. For better removal results, wet your nose with warm water while washing your face or during a shower. Gently lift both ends & remove slowly to minimize the risk of injury.

About Medium Nasal Strips

1. Instant long-lasting relief from nasal congestion, immediately open the nasal cavity gently, reduce snoring, improve sleep for a long time.

2.Used to relieve nasal congestion caused by cold, allergies, or rhinitis. Drug-free, safe, effective and has no side effects.

3. The method of use is simple, wash the nose with soap and water, dry it thoroughly, stick the nose to the middle of the bridge of the nose, and hold it for 30 seconds. No residue and no pain when removed.

4. Two flexible “spring-like” parts gently pull the nasal passages away so you can breathe through your nose, close your mouth, stop snoring, and give you and your partner a good night's rest.

5. A wide range of use can be used for sleep, daytime, and rest. Small size, easy to carry, can relieve discomfort for you and your family at any time.


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