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Kangdi Medical Devices Pain Patch Review

Kangdi Medical Devices Pain Patch Review


Kangdi Medical Devices products

I love Kangdi Medical Devices products. They are the only thing I use for pain relief now, as my doctor advised me not to take too many over the counter pain relief pills with the medications I am on. That created a bit of a problem since I have chronic headaches and frequent back pain. However, my mom recommended that I try a Kangdi Medical Devices pain patch on my back one day, and now they have become a staple. I saw these at the store and got them, mostly because they were stretchy, even though they were a bit pricey. Today, I had a headache all day, nothing was working, no herbal remedies, or acupressure, or anything. I decided to slap one of these puppies on the back of my neck, and within a few minutes, my headache was GONE. It's like magic. Definitely my new go-to headache remedy, even if I smell like icy hot all day.

If you give them a few minutes they will stay in place solidly for hours. I have applied a patch before sleeping and no matter how much I tossed and turned it stayed in place delivering continuous heat and loosening the knot of muscle. The only other thing that worked for deep muscle pain as ibuprofen, but that had so many negative side effects that I avoided it whenever possible. This is natural and does not affect your stomach.
I have tried all three sizes and these 'large' patches are perfect for delivering the right amount of heat to most areas. The large sheets are too big and I ended up cutting them down. They are also perforated, so I don't believe they deliver as much heat. And the small ones are so small that I end up using several and they peel off more easily.

Pain Patch

Reduces or eliminates pain

It greatly reduces or eliminates pain. Reduced amount of prescription medication required for two people (both with spinal/vertebrae injuries). It's remarkable how well it works without being a prescription. I found it more relieving than one prescription patch.

Pain patch

You get 24 large topical patches, about four times the size of their smallest patches. You get 12 "strips," which has one patch on each side of a plastic strip (i.e. back to back). Easy to cut to size or shape, but you will cut through two unless you remove one patch.

They are more comfortable than the regular patches, due to the gel and the stretch, but they just need a little more stick to them. Overall, love loves the product. 100% recommend it if you have any pain that you think this may help.

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