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Kangdi Better Breath Nasal Strips

Kangdi Better Breath Nasal Strips


Package:30 counts/ box.

Breath Nasal Strips advantages:

★ An effective drug-free treatment program that allows you to breathe through your nose at night and is gentle on your skin.

★ Compared to traditional nasal stickers, Kangdi better breath nasal strips bring more airflow by lifting the nasal cavity, help you close your mouth, breathe with your nose, improve snoring, and give you and your partner a comfortable sleep.

★ Drug-free can help those who can't take medicine people to improve sleep, such as pregnant and lactating women.

Breath Nasal Strips

Breath Nasal Strips Application:

★ Improve sleep - raise your nasal cavity, increase the flow of air, help you stop breathing with your mouth to avoid dry mouth, throat inflammation, and give you a comfortable sleep experience.

★ Reduce snoring - help your partner have a comfortable rest.

★ Relieve nasal congestion due to colds or allergies for breath better, sleep better, feel better.

Breath Nasal Strips Directions:

★ Wash nose with soap and water, dry completely.

★ Center nasal strip over the bridge of the nose.

★ Press and hold for 30 seconds.

★ For better removal results, wet your nose with warm water while washing your face or during a shower. Gently lift both ends & remove slowly to minimize the risk of injury.

Shelf Life: 3 Years.

Application: Adult and Kids up 5.


★ For external use only. Don’t use more than 12 hours per day.

★ Do not use on skin that is sore, sunburn, or allergic.

★ Disposable-use each strip only once.


Do Breath Nasal Strips really work?

A study of 30 snorers found that an external nasal dilator, similar to Breathe Right strips, is effective in reducing the intensity of snoring as measured by a sleep study, or polysomnogram, in 73 percent of people.


What do Breathe Right nasal strips do?

The Breath Nasal Strip is a drug-free, non-prescription device that works mechanically — from the outside — to gently open nasal passages. This reduces the resistance to air flowing through the nasal passages and improves the ability to breathe through the nose.


About Breath Nasal Strips product

❤[Modern Design] Kangdi 60 count of premium anti-snoring nasal strips with the modern design for exquisite comfort and instant relief from snoring. Popular medium size 55mm by 16mm. Two flexible “spring-like” parts design that keeps them comfortably in place all night.

❤[Perfect Sleep] Get a full night's sleep without snoring. Will not wake you or your partner and disturbs the entire family. Feel fully rested in the morning without feel drowsy. Everyone loves a quiet night and plenty of sleep, and you will like it.

❤[Easier Breathing] Holds air passages open helps curb congestion that often occurs during sleep. The nose strips are your perfect assistant when you need to improve the intake air during running or exercising.

❤[Easy To Use] Nasal strips have a “spring-like” design that fits comfortably on your nose and gently attaches to the dry skin under the clean nose. In order to better relieve snoring, it is best to use before bed.

❤[100% Money Back Guarantee] Kangdi nasal strips are manufactured under strict health guidelines to ensure safe reliability and a natural cleanse you can trust. A refund guarantee will also ensure your risk-free purchase.


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