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Is the steam eye mask useful?

Is the steam eye mask useful?


Steam eye mask

Hard-working eyes? Long hours in front of the screen? A day in front of a computer, TV, or phone/tablet can mean dry, irritated eyes and uncomfortable tension and stress by bedtime.

The custom steam eye mask is lightweight and comfortable, the mask heats up and releases warm, gentle steam to soothe tired eyes and relieve tension.

Steam eye mask

How steam eye mask Works:

Turn off the screen and soothe tired eyes in just 10 minutes with the Meg Rhythm Gentle Steam Eye Mask. This patented, innovative treatment uses self-heating technology to release warm, gentle steam that helps relieve tension behind the eyes and in the templates. Ideal for those who spend all day in front of a digital device and/or travel frequently, the mask fits comfortably around the ears and is best enjoyed when you can close your eyes and relax. Available in Unscented as well as aromatherapeutic Lavender and fresh Citrus, the Meg Rhythm Gentle Steam Eye Mask leaves you feeling both pampered and recharged. Each box contains seven single-use masks, making it easy to keep one in a handbag, overnight bag, desk drawer, and nightstand.

1.Warm Steam

Gentle, Warm Steam - Self-heating technology releases comfortable steam (104*F) that moistens and soothes tired eyes.

2.Warms Up Immediately

Unique Warming Technology - The mask starts to heat up as soon as you open the single-use packet. Just slip on, sit back, and enjoy!

3.Special Ear Strap Design

Lightweight and Comfortable - Barely-there ear straps allow you to wear the mask sitting up or lying down, even on your side.

4.Work, Travel, Relaxation

Take It Anywhere - Single-use masks come in a slim package perfect for slipping into your handbag, desk drawer, or airplane carry-on.

Steam eye mask Ingredient


Known for its mood-boosting properties, the fresh, clean scent of Citrus will leave you invigorated and energized.


Calming Lavender is instantly relaxing. Use before bedtime to relieve stress and prepare you for a good night's rest.


Unscented won't interfere with the scent of your favorite aromatherapeutic candle or bubble bath. Also ideal for those who are sensitive to fragrance.


Do not use at the same time as other eye masks or products. If eye drops have been applied, wait a few minutes before using Meg Rhythm Gentle Steam Eye Mask. Note that using the eye mask may cause smudging or removal of eye makeup. It can be used with temporary eyelash extensions.


1. Remove from the bag and expand the goggles, remove the fever after the start, please use immediately after opening, please contact with the eye mask, the ear strap to open the tape. 

2. Please close your eyes and use it for 15-20 minutes. If it is used with eye cream, it can speed up the absorption of eye cream

3. If you have just dropped the eye drops, please use it after an hour.


Rose extract, etc.


As pictures showed.

Shelf life: 

3 years


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