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Is Plaster therapy credible?

Is Plaster therapy credible?


Plaster therapy is a unique Chinese medicine in the external treatment of Chinese medicine, has a history of two thousand years. When parents get older and older, the body may not be as strong as before, you do not know when the body aches and pains, but still worried about your work, life. 

Parents may be a pain, but for you to report good news not suffer, time and tide wait for no man in a hurry, the filial piety had no time to wait, parents healthy body, has been our deep concern, they may because of chronic strain and joint damage, suffered ankle discomfort, waist stiff and sore neck, spine, discomfort, periarthritis of shoulder, problems, such as the plaster is an important part in our Chinese medicine, is five drug dosage forms of traditional Chinese medicine, pill, powder, paste, Dan, one of the soup. 

Plaster therapy

Plaster therapy is a unique Chinese medicine in the external treatment of Chinese medicine, has a history of two thousand years, and widely used in the treatment of various diseases, by the broad masses of the people's welcome. It is the use of drugs, applied to the body surface or the affected part, by the body surface of the absorption of drugs and channels and collaterals pathway, play the role of drugs huoxuihua siltation, myodyne, through the Luo, opening penetration, dispelling wind scattered cold function, so as to achieve a variety of therapeutic purposes of therapy. Don't wait, use our condi green tiger to ease the discomfort. 

We need them in childhood, grow up, we are going to be a solid backing, our product samples, and all the parts, whether it is because of the high strength work, leading to leg discomfort of young and recommend the inconvenience of the old, discomfort, or often ankle or and sedentary office white-collar workers, for a long time on the computer to shoulder discomfort, zhou lumbar overworked lead to damage all applicable for a long time, our product is a natural herb, extract. Adopt more breathable material, permeate for a long time, penetrate the skin into bone more quickly. It is forbidden for pregnant women and lactating women to use this product. Children under 12 years old and people with drug allergies should use it with caution.

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