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Importance of a Heat Resistant Plaster While Making

by:Kangdi     2020-06-09
For those of you who do not know much about a heat resistant plaster then probably you have ruined your house very badly. This kind of plaster is normally used to shield the chimneys and other places where the walls are exposed to extreme temperatures. And as the name suggests, this plaster aids in protecting your house walls from being damaged to extreme heat conditions. But the application of this type of plaster does not end here. You can have this plaster on cassette fireplaces i.e. a hole in the wall type of fires where the temperatures would easily cross the five hundred degree Celsius mark. Actually the importance of a heat resistant plaster we are going to discuss here is about its new found utility. These were invented long back, but it was not preferred because it had the disadvantage of not being quite suitable to be plastered on large areas like a complete chimney breast or the complete kitchen roofing because it would not give the desired results. However advancements and adjustments were made to overcome this drawback and this plaster of present day is something that is quite indispensable. The specifications and chemical composition of a heat resistant plaster would be a bit too technical and hence we need not worry about it. We can just concentrate on the functional aid which provides us. A modern day plaster (heat resistant) can easily withstand temperatures of up to 500 degree Celsius which would be quite ideal for any household application because temperatures normally won't exceed three hundred degrees in a home atmosphere. Another special feature of these plasters is that it can even withstand thousand degrees of searing temperatures. However thousand degree temperature resistances is not much in demand (unless it is to be used in some kind of manufacturing industries) and hence the manufacturers prefer to produce heat resistances of up to five hundred only. The unique feature of this plaster is that has a smooth finish. It is quite similar to paints though you get only white colored plaster coatings in the market. The smooth finish ensures that your house walls, the kitchen walls to be more precise never look obtrusive or unappealing. It is only a powdered material and comes in 25Kg bags. The coating of a heat resistant plaster can be done with no professional assistance. However it is recommended that you get the help of a heat resistant plaster coating professional in order to achieve the desired results. The reason we recommend you to use a professional is because the heat resistant plaster has to be coated to at least five millimeters of thickness on the walls to give its maximum resistance. So if there are variations, i.e. you do not coat uniformly or leave some areas uncoated then the very purpose of you buying this kind of plaster goes as waste. Do not be concerned about the fact that these professional coaters would charge you money. Most of the companies which manufacture a heat resistant plaster offer free assistance as well.
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