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Ifory neck hammock

Ifory neck hammock


Product description 

❤As a person who daily work in front of a computer, almost everyone has some neck muscle soreness or cervical spondylosis.

❤Don't underestimate your neck pain. The neck is tightly connected to our head and spine. It is an extremely important part of your body.

❤Now, ifory brand is committed to relieve cervical pain through physical therapy, and produced ifory head hammock to solve this problem for you!

The advantages of ifory Head Hammock:

✔ifory head hammock is ergonomically designed with state-of-the-art memory foam fillers and covered with a soft fabric that allows you to relieve neck pressure and pain.

✔Helps stretch the neck muscles, promote blood circulation in the neck, and deliver oxygen to muscles and tendons, providing lasting relief of neck pain.

✔Portable cervical traction relaxes and stretches muscles to help reduce pain caused by arthritis, disc herniation, cervical muscle strain and spasms.

✔To give you a more comfortable feeling, our head hammock package also adds a soft blackout eye patch that allows you to easily go to sleep and rejuvenate.

★ Head Hammock Set Up Step:

1. Wrap the hook strap(on top) on a doorknob or handle, and cross it on the door jam.

2. Hang it on the knob or handle it on another side. Adjust the length of the adjustable strap, to find the most suitable height for the hammock

3. Comfortably position your head in the head hammock and lie back so that your head is elevated approximately 2-4 inches off the ground.

★ Head Hammock Package:

2 x Strop

1 x Eye Mask

1 x User Manual

1 x Portable Bag

1 x Traction strop

1 x Head Hammock

(Ifory Official Store guarantees product quality. If you have any questions or dissatisfaction with our products, we will provide you with permanent warranty and unconditional return service.) 

About Product

【APPLICABLE USER】ifory head hammock provides all-day relaxation and comfort for people who work and travel long distances, relieves the pain of cervical spine, soreness in the neck and back muscles after sedentary, so this head hammock becomes an office worker, student And the must-have for the driver. 

【RELIEVE NECK PAIN】ifory head hammock stretches the neck through the cervical spine and gently pulls the head away from the spine to achieve stretching and decompression, thereby increasing blood circulation, relaxing surrounding muscles, and relieving the neck and back pain, making neck activity more flexible. 

【JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY】After a hard day's work, returning to your home and using head hammock just for 10-15 minutes then head hammock will help you stretch your neck and shoulder muscles, relieve the pain of shoulder and back muscles, let you fall in sleep with a relaxed state and improve the quality of your sleep. 

【QUALITY ASSURANCE】ifory head hammock is made of soft, lightweight flannel and oxford material with a sturdy elastic cord and a stainless steel heavy-duty hook, so head hammock can withstand a powerful weight of 40 KG without worrying about the breakage of the belt and provide you a safety and comfortable using experience. 

【EASY TO USE AND CARRY】Our head hammock is equipped with a small, portable bags that you can carry with you when you travel or work, and easily use them after a stressful day or long-distance business trip. Just hang it from a door handle, railings or stable hooks on the wall. This head hammock gives you the comfort and relaxation you deserve in 10 minutes! 

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