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If you care about the health of your loved ones, pain patches are here!

If you care about the health of your loved ones, pain patches are here!


Pain patches

I'll tell you about the patches of pain. I first heard about such patches from Uuaaa_Kate Katya, by virtue of the profession, knows about them, not by hearsay. And, since I, too, suffer from back pain, and the repair is in full swing, I decided to order them all the same. The store chose at random in the summer flashed reviews on bracelets from mosquitoes and in one of the shops, I found these patches. Now I will tell you about this miracle in more detail.

Sold patches

Sold patches in lots of 4 packages of 5 pieces each. The package contains detailed instructions in Russian. According to her, we are dealing with an infrared medical plaster. The composition includes IR-ceramic powder and non-woven material of the plaster itself. The frequency of radiation at a wavelength of 8-15, what is this, and how to check it I do not know.

Pain patches

Pain patches Contraindications:

- Wounds and skin damage;

- Allergies;

- Pregnancy and lactation;

- pacemaker.

Pain patches Indications:

- Ancillary! treatment of pain in the neck, shoulder, waist, and knee muscles.

That is, even with bruises and sprains, patches can be used as an ambulance. And for a more complete impact, depending on the zone, you need more than one patch. That's why there are 5 of them in the package. The scheme for applying adhesive patches is on the package!


For eye-catching photos, instructions as you can see, all dates for production and expiration date are marked. I'm dealing with freshly baked, That's how they look. The outer material is similar to velvet. The smell is not intrusive. Not asterisks rather cinnamon or cardamom.


Although it is indicated that you can wear these plasters for up to two days, but as soon as you feel discomfort you need to remove them. Depending on the degree of pain, 20 minutes can suffice. The plasters are tested, the review was written for a long time.

My mother has a serious back disease and these plasters are up to her, there is a small effect, but not a panacea. But my husband and I helped to remove the pain from the cervical department after gluing the wallpaper on the ceiling. Son glued on his knee in the place of injury. But he is weak in our spirit and has not sustained a long curative effect.

What can I tell you, summing up? 

I think that this thing in the home medicine cabinet should be. The price of this set is not very high, you can afford them they say that there is something similar in our pharmacies, I personally was not interested.

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