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How to use warm stickers?

How to use warm stickers?


Warm stickers

"Warm baby" is also called warm stickers. The reaction principle is to use the primary battery to accelerate the oxidation reaction rate and convert the chemical energy into thermal energy. In order to make the temperature last longer, mineral material vermiculite is used for insulation.

Apply to the shoulder, back, waist, stomach, legs and related joints; just stick to the corresponding part, immediately heat, the average temperature of 53 ° C; Hours; female dysmenorrhea, use of lower back pain can reduce or eliminate pain; used for abdominal pain caused by cold, warmth during external work, warmth in low temperature in the room; hot compress of massage.

It relieves pain in the waist, shoulders, stomach, legs, and joints quickly relieve and eliminates the pain caused by various chills, is arthritis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, rheumatism and rheumatoid, cold in the limbs It is a ready-to-use type of pain-relieving for patients with diseases such as cold and pain. Repels cold and keeps warm, promoting microcirculation.

The raw material layer is a polymer synthesized from iron powder, stone, activated carbon, inorganic salt, water, etc., which is non-toxic and has no side effects and can generate an exothermic reaction under the action of oxygen in the air. The non-woven bag is characterized by uniform leakage and good air permeability. The gelatin layer is made of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive coating unique to Japan, which is firmly bonded and does not degrade the clothes.

warm stickers

Warm baby

Use "warm baby" to pay attention to safety. First of all, because "warm baby" can be purchased online, people should choose a branded product when purchasing. Secondly, because the maximum temperature of "warm baby" can reach 60 degrees Celsius, the "warm baby" should be flattened and attached to the outside of the underwear to prevent burns. Again, "warm baby" should not be used with other heating tools to avoid local temperature overburning and burn the skin, and should not be used during sleep periods where people's perception is weak. Finally, pregnant women, infants, diabetes, and people with blood circulation disorders should not use it.

This product is the latest generation of Japanese high-tech products, thin as paper, light as cotton, soft, and flexible. When you use it, you only need to stick it to the corresponding part, and it will heat up immediately. The temperature is the highest at 63 and the average is 53. It lasts for 10-12 hours and alleviates pain in the waist, shoulders, stomach, legs, and joints. It is good to prevent winter injury and cold in the cold winter. It is easy to carry and has long-lasting stability. Stick a thin piece to protect you from the cold of the day.

A hot material layer can continuously release heat for 10-12 hours under the action of oxygen in the air. This reaction begins when a vacuum package is opened.

A paste is hot, rapid hot compress, swelling, pain relief, blood circulation, widely used in a variety of chills. 

1. Quickly relieve and eliminate all kinds of pain caused by chills. It is a quick-release pain in patients with arthritis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, cold in the limbs, and cold pain in the affected area. Type products.

2, cold and warm, promote the human microcirculation, opponents, foot frostbite, bone injury, muscle damage and other symptoms have a good swelling and pain relief

3, promote the smooth flow of the meridian, hot compress related points, eliminate stomach cold discomfort, menstrual blood, and other symptoms, have the effect of promoting blood circulation. 

4, replace the heavy cotton coat in winter, provide temperature protection for the human body.

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