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How to use steam eye mask?

How to use steam eye mask?


Eyes mask will heat up automatically while the packing is opened. Wear it within 5 minutes of opening the packaging. The warmed-up eye mask helps to relieve eye fatigue and moist the area around the eyes. The warmed up mask will help you to relieve eye stress, fatigue from whole day work stress. It provides you a good night's sleep.


These eye masks are a great thing to have on those days where you just need to RELAX and block out the world. What do I use them for? I work graveyard shift and the work that I do is exhausting and physically and mentally draining. So on those mornings when I get home and all I want is my bed, but I am still too wound from my night at work (and my kids, who are home all day on summer break and up with the sun each morning) I like to use one of these to unwind and make it easier to sleep.

steam eye mask


“Your sleep is governed by the light and dark cycles and if you respect those cycles, your body is able to get into a good rhythm.” says sleep expert, Anandi. “If your body is out of rhythm, you may be producing melatonin at the wrong time of day. Making sure you get plenty of daylight during the day is important, but make sure you cut down your light levels in the evening. Try and make sure the room is completely dark when you go to bed.”


“The sleep hormones are light sensitive. It’s important to get out in daylight as early in the morning as possible. In the evening, it’s important to make sure the lights are turned down so that the melatonin production is not inhibited,” explains Anandi. Light control and levels may seem like a dismissable factor, but they play a huge part in our sleep pattern. “If there’s any light coming in through the curtains or any of the doors at night and you are a light sleeper, a sleep mask will help. If there’s no light, melatonin will be produced which is your sleep hormone,” she says. Masks block out the light when you’re having trouble doing so naturally.


When we sleep, there’s a cycle our brains follow. According to Sleep.org, the first stage involves falling into a light sleep which takes around seven minutes. During this time, our brains send alpha waves, leaving us in a state where we’re calm, but not yet asleep. Stage two usually involves our brain waves slowing down and stages three and four involve our brains producing slower delta waves, where we go into a deep sleep. The final stage, REM (rapid eye movement) is where our brains become more active, playing a really crucial part in our learning and memory functions.

In a study conducted by the Sleep Foundation, they found that overall, the use of eye masks promoted better sleep and hormone balance through the effect they have on REM. The time the participants were in REM was longer, the time between the start of sleep (stage one) and the start of REM was shorter, they were less aroused and distracted, and melatonin, the hormone responsible for light changes saw an increase.


Anyone can wear an eye mask for sleeping, but, they’re particularly beneficial for those with certain sleep conditions. “If you’re an insomniac and you have issues, then an eye mask would be extremely helpful,” says Anandi. In addition to building up a sleep routine, the NHS also recommends cutting down on caffeine, exercising regularly, and making your bed as comfortable as possible.

We know that eye masks can help us on our way to getting a more restful sleep quicker, but which masks help with what? Without going into a long rigmarole about the shapes, sizes, and materials, we’ve curated a list of masks that are suited to particular needs.

These come in a pack of 12 are not reusable. Ingredients include Non-woven fabric, iron powder, activated carbon, inorganic salts, water. Stop using eye masks immediately if you feel too hot or uncomfortable or painful. DO NOT re-use the eye mask, one eye mask for one-time use only, and Keep Out of reach of children.

They activate when the package is opened and I have found that they take between 20 seconds to 45 seconds to fully activate. The package states that they last 30 minutes and I think that is accurate, they have lasted anywhere from just under or just over the 30 minutes (although one time I fell asleep after about 5 so I can't be certain how long that one lasted). The price point for me is a bit much for something that is thrown away after one use, with only 5 being in the package. However I think they are great to have on hand for those days where you just NEED a little extra help relaxing. I have used 4 of mine, and I am saving the last one for a rainy day.


I cannot say whether or not this really moisturizes the eyes as I moisturize before going to bed each morning. I almost forgot, the smell is not strong at all, and I am sensitive to any scents and perfumes and such make me feel nauseated, and this did not do that to me. I have to use soaps with no perfume in them at all and I never wear perfume or scented lotions.


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