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How to use mosquito repellent products

How to use mosquito repellent products


In the current weather, although you can swim happily during the day and wear skirts interchangeably, the mosquito that has been buzzing in your ears in the evening has actually had a headache! Mosquito repellent bracelets and mosquito repellent buckles are relatively popular mosquito repellent products. Its effective ingredient is citronella essential oil. Because it does not contain traditional mosquito repellent substances such as mosquito repellent, it also has the dual functions of decoration and mosquito repellence, so it is popular with many parents And the pursuit of children. Henan Kangdi Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a factory that has been operating for about 30 years. It has various certifications of CE / ISO / FDA / FSC and can produce "100% natural" "chemical-free mosquito repellent products, which can effectively relieve mosquito bites in summer. phenomenon".

Because there are a variety of mosquito coils for children in the children's farm, but it contains not less than mosquito repellent, some even Kang mosquito repellent bracelet and mosquito repellent buckle are very popular, many people buy it for children, not only can prevent mosquito bites, Can also prevent some small bugs from approaching. Customized prices from the Kandy factory are more favorable, and there are more product types.

       Mosquito repellent products

Our factory not only produces fiber bracelets with a strong smell but also silicone bracelets, with various styles and bright colors. There are also a variety of mosquito repellent buckles, one that is commonly seen on the market, and one is this year's new rotating mosquito repellent buckle. The pattern includes various small animals, which are very cute and suitable for children to place. They all use plant ingredients to repel mosquitoes. The use of high-quality silicone as the main material of the mosquito repellent bracelet can be noticed when we are in a sweaty season in summer. The use of high-quality silicone in the mosquito repellent bracelet will not make the bracelet feel, and it is elastic and It has good flexibility and is not easily damaged, nor does it feel too tight or too loose. And high-quality silicone can also make the color of mosquito repellent bracelet more choices, so as to achieve a beautiful effect. The fiber bracelet has a strong flavor and a better mosquito repellent effect.

Mosquito repellent

First of all to buy mosquito repellent products, Kandi is an excellent choice. Henan Kangdi Medical Devices Co., LTD has 30 years of production experience, we meet the international quality standards, which earns customers from all over the world.

30 Years of Precipitation, One-Stop Plaster OEM Processing

Henan Kangdi Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive pharmaceutical company specializing in scientific research, production, and marketing of medical devices. It has a complete production line of standard production plants and pastes that have passed the national GMP certification. In the field of scientific research, the company has always been supported by the advanced technology of American International Green Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and has cooperated with many domestic research institutes to develop a variety of products and a variety of specifications, covering a wide range of Chinese medicine products. The company's existing large-scale computer-controlled Babu coating machine; fully automated slitting machine, slicer, mixer, large packaging machine; a modern advanced water oil gel production line


Kangdi senior pharmacist is committed to customer’s feedback, and spare no effort to meet the needs of the latest market and individual. We continue to strengthen our quality assurance and research and development capabilities, we also have a professional design team, custom design is available.



- After paying the freight then sends free samples:

Make market testing for customers, Provide professional analysis of market guidance.

- Packing and transportation:

Select quality bags, prevent extrusion, and powder leakage powder.

- Senior Pharmacists Control the Whole Process:

We have a professional R&D, design, packaging, and sales team . Provide personalized services such as market package proposal, market training guidance.


- According to market demand provides a good Registration



We obtain TUV, GMP, ISO, CE, certificate. Make our products are in your market flow rapidly.


We endeavor to establish professional production lines that offer reliable, durable, and good value products to customers.

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