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how to use Cooling gel patch

how to use Cooling gel patch


When you feel uncomfortable, what your friends do, you may take the medicine. But this drug can do harm to our bodies. Did you hear it from the cooling gel patch? Now I'm going to tell you something about it!

The cooling gel patch can be used to lower body temperature, which has an effect on fever and cooling effect. Do you know how to lower body temperature?

Cooling gel patch

What is a cooling patch?

Cooling gel patch also called fever cool patch, pain relief patch, fever reducer patch, ever forehead patch

Made of anti-sticking layer, high molecular hydrogel layer, the backing layer.

Well, the cooling film is the cooling effect caused by the physical changes of water evaporation. It has the characteristics of high heat, safe heat, rapid cooling and brain protection. It is a common physical cooling product and is therefore widely used in children with colds and fevers. Represents parachute hot rod, ice nurse hot rod, etc.

Main ingredients: hydrogel, menthol, high molecular weight material, borneol, water.

Features: cool the best physical temperature of the gel patch, absorb heat and reduce heat immediately. Used for children with fever, headache, nasal congestion and irritability.Easy to use and fast to run.

It is natural to use, there are many brands of it, the price is also different, so add the same knowledge of the cooling gel patch is necessary.about the size, gel, shelf time and so on. even though it is convenient, if you have a fever should go to the hospital, and see the doctor.

In summary, cooling gel patches are useful for people. This is not only an easy thing but also environmentally friendly. It is very popular in many countries. You can buy your family and friends, if you want to buy a cooling gel patch or for more information, please click on the link or directly with the phone number or E-mail contact us, we can provide you with the best serif, what are you waiting for, get in touch with us!

Backing Layer: non-woven Fabric (we can print your logo on the nonwoven fabrics)

High molecular hydrogel layer: hydrophilic macromolecule gel with natural Levo menthol

anti-sticking layer: Transparent Film( OPP)

Size: 5x12cm, 4×11cm, Or you can trim the Cool patch into any size you want.

What does the cooling gel patch Use for?

 Children suffering from a high temperature to lower fever.

Adults suffering from severe headaches and migraines.

Excellent cooling effect in overheated days and nights of the summer.

Bruises and sprains.

How to use a cooling gel patch?

open the pouch and remove one cooling gel sheet

Remove transparent film from the back of the gel sheet and discard it. Place gel sheet on skin

If desired, cut gel sheet to a suitable size with scissors

Store unused gel sheet in the foil pouch to prevent drying. Reseal pouch by tightly folding the pouch twice along the dotted lines

Store in a cool dry place. May even be stored in the refrigerator for extra cooling

Do not store in the freezer

For sanitary reasons, use each sheet only once and discard after use


1. For external use only and use only as directed.

2. For children use, they should be supervised by adults

3. Avoid contacting with the eyes, mucous membranes or rashes.

4. Do not apply to wounds or to damaged or very sensitive skin.

5. Apply cooling gel patch will not stick if the skin is wet.

6. Please see a doctor if rashes, redness, itching or irritation occurs Storage

how to use Gel Cooling Patch?

Cut or tear open the pouch and remove the cooling gel patch

Remove transparent from the back of the cooling gel patch and discard

Apply the cooling patch on the forehead, ensuring the area is dry

Lasts for up to 10 hours

For best results use only once


Avoid contact with eyes

Discontinue use if rashes, redness or itching occurs and consult your doctor

When body temperature is over 39°, seek medical advice

When used on children, adult supervision is required

Keep out of the reach of children

Store in a cool dry place

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