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How To Make A Plaster Mold Of Your Child Foot And Hand

by:Kangdi     2020-06-12
Wherever one looks nowadays, there are photographs and images of people and places. The sides of the buses and the adverts for the latest film show images of stars. Go into anyone's home, and the walls and cabinets will be adorned with photographs of the owners' family and friends. There is also another way to capture that moment in time and allow yourself to look back at a time when your child was small. It is possible and very easy to make a plaster mold of a child hand or foot. This has been done with paper and paint, but over time, these can rip or fade, whereas this will be a more durable artifact. Add to this the fact that it is messy and unusual; it is a good way to keep small children amused for an afternoon. It may be that you are then kept occupied for the rest of the day in cleaning up the children and the house, but it will be worth it in the end. First, in order to make a plaster mold, you will need a small bowl for the child to put their hand or foot in. Try to find one that is not a lot wider than the hand; so as you wont waste many materials when you add the substance to cover the body part. The best substance to use for this is alginate. It is an item used by dentists to make copies of teeth. This is only suitable for making small and quite flat molds and you will need to be very gentle, as it is very delicate and likely to tear. The only down side to this is that it takes time to make, and although it will produce a good and realistic copy, the day or two you may need from beginning to end will cause a lot of children to lose interest. The delicate nature also means that the child will have to be gentle while they are being molded. Once you have made your alignate mold, it needs to be left overnight. When it is firm, the plaster can be added to it and again this needs to be left to set. The advantage of this method is that you will get a very realistic copy if you are patient and follow the instructions properly. When the plaster has set, it can be removed from the alginate mold. Apart from the time taken, it is very unlikely that you will be able to make more than one copy from the alginate, due to it being very delicate and the damage that can be caused removing the plaster form it. Therefore, if you want more than one, or damage the first one on removal, you will have to go through the whole process, to make a plaster mold again. Once completed, you have a lovely memento of your child's early years, and it can be left plain or decorated. In the past and now people, still use videos, as a good way to capture all the important events in your family's life.
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