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About the fever cooling patch, As a daily use product, more and more foreign wholesaler customers like to do OEM, printing their own company's brand name and LOGO on the package. How to choose a reliable fever cooling patch suppliers? Here are some details we need to pay attention to.


1. Choose a good cooling patch supplier

The most important thing is to audit the supplier’s qualification, it includes business license, import, and export licensing, and quality certification of products.

Ensure that the company is in the Food and Drug Administration for the record. Whether it is legitimate, is really the existence of the company. The level of credibility of the company.

Vendor's the Website and views the information for the supplier.


2. Cooling patch product quality

The quality for the product is also important, the cooling patch supplier needs to make sure the patch is in high viscosity, look better. The effect is obvious.


3.The fever cooling patch production capacity of the audit suppliers

The production capacity of the cooling patch supplier is directly related to the late supply capacity, can not deliver in time, to ensure supply of the market, this Auditing must be to the factory site visits. Whether the company has done for the world-renowned brand processing. This is very important to customize the cooling gel patch.


4.Packaging cooling gel patch design

The outstanding design for cooling gel patch,  packaging themselves have marketing capabilities, whether the company has outstanding professional designers. Can Short Each room to help customers design the ideal packaging.


5.Product fever pad transport

After the production of transport to go through at least 2 times to reach the hands of customers, so transport conditions need to be considered, the cartons must be 5-layer corrugated kraft paper material to ensure the hardness of the carton to protect the quality of the goods.

 fever cooling patch

There is one factor that can meet all the above requests, Henan kangdi medical devices co.,ltd. Do OEM for the customers more than 20 years.it’s a reliable cooling patch supplier.


•  28 years of production experience, with 18 years exporting

experience which specialized in OEM/ODM Service.


•  We have cooperated with more than 200 countries already.


•  5 Professional production lines, the two imported automatic coating


machines, split production lines, the daily output is 200,000 pcs.


•  We obtain TUV, GMP, ISo, CE, FDA certificate Make our products are in your

market flow rapidly.


•  Direct factory Focus on health Medical since 1989

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