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How to Construct a Wooden Dollhouse

by:Kangdi     2020-06-27
Your daughter wants a new dollhouse. You have some woodcarving skills. This is the perfect time to use your hobby to make her something you and she can be proud of. Here's a plan to construct a wooden dollhouse. If hung low onto a wall in her room, it could be a gorgeous dollhouse for playtime with fashion dolls. Or, instead of hanging it on a wall it can be set upon her dresser top. Materials A� 1' wide x 1' thick boards - three pieces 36' long for horizontal shelves and two 33' long pieces for the vertical sides A� One board for hanging her dollhouse to wall which needs to be 34' long, A�' inch thick and 2' wide A� Twelve wood screws a minimum of 2' long for connecting vertical boards to the shelving A� Four wood screws a minimum of 2' long for connecting the narrow support board underneath the topmost horizontal board A� Wood putty in order to spackle over the screw holes A� Three long bolts to hang heavier shelves on plaster board or drywall A� One pint of the clear acrylic varnish and a paint brush A� Fine sandpaper Tools A� Battery or electric powered drill A� Level for getting the dollhouse straight A� Pencil and tape measure for marking down holes for the drilling Method 1) Varnish and sand the wood lengths with three coats of acrylic and sand in between the coats prior to assembly. Make the final sanding only using a light touch. Use the clear acrylic varnish for easier clean- up. 2) Lay out the assembly for the doll house. The three boards that are 36' long will be the horizontal pieces, or the shelves. The 33' long boards will be the sides. 3) Screw the narrower board for hanging her dollhouse under the upper horizontal board within the side which will be close to the wall. Screw in the 2' screws within four locations. 4) Utilize two 2' screws at both ends to attach the upper assembly to both ends of vertical boards from the exterior to the interior. Now your top is finished. 5) Space the center board in order for one of the openings to be a minimum of 19' high if you possess 18' dolls. Screw it into the sides just like the upper board. 6) Screw the bottom horizontal board with two of the 2' screws at both ends. Finishing A� Screws must be a bit recessed and filled in using wood putty for a professional, nice finish. A� Get a helper on-hand to hang your assembly utilizing the three bolts for hanging heavier objects to the wall. Finally, stand back and appreciate your handiwork, and present those dolls with their new house! You can also store inside a large cedar unfinished chest when not is use to keep preserved.
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