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How to choose mosquito repellent bracelet?

How to choose mosquito repellent bracelet?


Mosquito repellent bracelet is one of the fashion accessories, decorative functions, and mosquito effects in a body, widely favored by the public. However, in view of the diversity of species of insect repellent bracelet, how should we choose the right and really have the function of anti-mosquito bracelet it?

1, We must first look for regular manufacturers, with the trademark number of products. There are many counterfeit products, mostly from Yiwu, its quality is not guaranteed, especially known as the South Korean imports or imports of Japanese products, be careful, some businesses in order to reduce costs of using inferior materials, especially in order to reduce the odor and cost, While the use of mosquito repellent bracelet, although effective, but there are quite toxic; there is some chemical fragrance that nothing. At present, the market has a formal wind language repellent bracelet, the Hong Kong BUGS AWAY.

2, To see the product packaging material, some counterfeit products using transparent packaging bag, which is certainly fake, because the oil will lose some of the role of the sun in a long time, so regular products, to ensure the transportation and sales process is not Loss, certainly is the use of opaque aluminum foil bag.

3, Looking outside the bag printing effect, genuine goods printing clear, full color, fake color dim, and even ghosting feeling.

4, To see the product, genuine goods in the product will have a clear brand mark, which is a sense of concavity, while the sense of fake goods Convex poor, or even the printing effect; there is the bayonet, genuine cargo bayonet There is a clear shield India, the effect of fakes on the poor and a flash, the rougher.

5, Product quality depends on the product is a greasy, really good product is dry after opening, and poor products will have greasy feeling, sometimes dirty clothing.

Mosquito repellent bracelet

When buying mosquito bracelet, we can choose to sell large businesses, because a large number of sales to illustrate this popular mosquito bracelet products, of course, reflects the effect is a good insect repellent. The second is to look at customer feedback, feedback is not only more, and the praise rate is high because the customer will use more and more feelings to write out.

KONGDY mosquito repellent bracelet Insect repellent tablets contain lavender, geranium, rosin, and other natural plant oils, which can be a very good control of mosquito bites. Bracelets can be day and night protection, each piece of insect repellent films can ensure that users within 15 days away from mosquitoes intrusions. In addition, it can protect the family, can feel at ease to use, because it is also suitable for pregnant women, infants, and skin sensitivity. At the same time, its natural repellent pieces with wristbands can also be waterproof, can be reused for the whole family.

KONGDY will always be the right choice, feel free to contact us!

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