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How Do You Detox With Foot Patches? Does Detox Foot Patch Work?

How Do You Detox With Foot Patches? Does Detox Foot Patch Work?


Various kinoki detox foot patch is claimed to detoxify the body when applied to the feet. The best known is the kinoki detox foot patch, which is claimed to remove toxins, restore "balance" within the body, and boost energy. Various other products are claimed to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, improve circulation, improve sleep, enhance mental focus, relieve headaches and arthritis pain. The alleged explanation for their working includes reflexology, unblocking of lymphatic passages, and negative ions that release far infrared rays.

detox foot patch

The mechanism of action is as follows:

1. The foot detoxification patch penetrates and participates in the circulatory system through the action of the plantar and related meridian reflex zones.

In the circulation process, the toxins retained in the body cells are absorbed, and the body wastes, waste liquids, and fats are intercepted from the acupuncture points in the plantar acupuncture points and the relevant meridian reflex zones (or other joint sites) and are discharged from the bamboo bag. Effectively remove toxins and moisture from the body for a long time. The magical, stable and long-lasting effects are also visible and felt.

wood vinegar detox patch

2. in a short time, can eliminate skin spots, acne, constipation, eliminate bad breath, foot odor, body sculpting body, lower blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar, improve skin luster, improve sleep and delay aging. Sticking on the joints can relieve pain and fatigue, and it has very good effects on arthritis, cervical spondylitis, and so on.

3. foot paste will be the body's moisture, toxins discharged from the soles of the feet, the effect is straight to see, the foot out of the brown liquid is shocking, you can also break down the body fat into grease ions, pull out from the soles to achieve weight loss The function is very obvious.

4. The foot patch can suck unnecessary moisture, lymph fluid, and waste oil from the human body and become a cloudy liquid. When you feel tired or have pain and discomfort, after using this patch, the patch will turn brown or Dark brown, waste oil, waste liquid were all sucked out.

5. common cold rheumatism, swelling, legs, legs stiff, sprain, etc., will have a good effect after the paste, through detoxification, pain will be reduced, swelling will disappear, on the shoulder pain, backache, joint pain, etc. Significantly reduced symptoms.

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